Podman – create, run and secure Linux containers | Valentin Rothberg | Code Mesh V 2020

This video was recorded at Code Mesh V 2020 – https://codesync.global/conferences/code-mesh-ldn/

Podman – create, run and secure Linux containers | Valentin Rothberg – Software Engineer in Red Hat’s container engines team

I want to give a deep dive into Podman, a community-driven, open source container engine. While I only scratched the surface of Podman at Code Mesh 2019, I want to dedicate a full talk in 2020.

Why is Podman more secure than other container engines? Why can Podman better integrate into modern Linux systems? These and many more questions will be addressed in my talk along with hands-on examples showing recent developments in Podman 2.0, such as:

* A new Docker compatible REST API for remote clients
* Go and Python bindings for the new REST API
* Improved integration of Podman and systemd, and auto updates


I will explain in greater detail the attributes and challenges of a modern container engine such as Podman and how it integrates into modern Linux systems. The audience will learn some basics and advanced features of Podman (and Linux), how we can swap Docker with Podman and how we can further secure and lock down containers.


Developers, system administrators, IT managers, students, researchers. Anybody interested in containers.

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