Pacman show 2-moments in a bright sunny day#youtube#pacman#show2

Hi,this is Owl’s360ยฐtech.My videos are gonna keep you calm and stress free.I basically post on entertainment and gaming,more precisely on Pacman related videos.You don’t have to do meditation or Yoga.My videos are equivalent to meditation videos.You are going to be entertained and mostly,your children/kids are going to experience fun,joy and adventure.
Battle of Pacman against many opponents.
1.Pacman Vs Bird family
2.Pacman Vs Self
3.Pacman Vs Macho Ghost
4.Pacman Vs Boonie Bear
5.Pacman Vs Angry bird characters
6.Pacman Vs Sonic
7.Pacman Vs Ghost
8.Pacman Vs Mario
9.Pacman Vs Sonic2,etc
Pacman,as a character,in reality is a funny one.In this video,your kids/children are going to see like how Pacman is being scared away by a bird family,itself,macho ghost and Boonie bear.
After chased away,Pacman goes mad and now it is going to chase/scare away everyone like angry bird characters,sonic, jelly ghost,Mario and Sonic2.
It is going to be a fun for your kids as they are going to experience adventure,fun and terror in the entire show of 4.5 mins.
A perfect mix of emotions specially for kids.
Enjoy more videos below:


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