Options to replace CentOS, Ubuntu takes risks in 21.04, and Google destroys Chromium – Linux News

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This time, we have various moves to replace CentOS, some big things happening for the next Ubuntu release, and Google trying to drive people away from Chromium.

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Well it seems like Red Hat realized that this move wouldn’t drive people to go and buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses in droves, but would probably push more people away, as they decided to make RHEL free for up to 16 servers.

Speaking of replacements to CentOS, Alma Linux has its first beta out right now. Alma Linux is a distribution spearheaded by CloudLinux, which already has a lot of experience with CentOS, as they developed CloudLinux OS for 10 years, which already was a fork of Red Hat.

AlmaLinux Beta Release Update

Ubuntu announced that their next release, Ubuntu 21.04, which should release before the end of April 2021, won’t be using the GNOME 40.

Welp, Ubuntu 21.04 Won’t Ship with GNOME 40 or GTK4

Even more surprising, Ubuntu 21.04 will also be the release in which Ubuntu moves to Wayland by default.

Ubuntu 21.04 Will Use Wayland By Default

KDE 5.21 is very, very close, as its first beta was released. I’ll have a dedicated video a few days before the official release, but 5.21 is looking pretty good, with a lot of improvements. https://kde.org/announcements/plasma/5/5.20.90/

Google is making moves to try and stem the tide of chromium based browsers that threaten the hegemony of Chrome on the internet. They decided to remove access to a number of Google Apis from chromium, that made the browser, and everything based on it, a lot more useful.

Use Chromium? Sync Features Will Stop Working on March 15

System76 has yet another new laptop to offer: the Darter Pro. https://system76.com/laptops/darter

Tuxedo also has a new laptop out, and it’s called the InfinityBook S 15. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2021/01/tuxedo-announce-the-infinitybook-s-15-with-intel-xe

Denuvo, a provider of DRM and anti cheat software for games running on Windows, announced that Denuvo will now be available as a steamworks library, to make it easier to include in various games. Gaming On Linux asked the developers what it meant for Linux gaming, and it turns out there might be good news here.

Do you have a few older games that run pretty badly with Wine or Proton? Well, if these games use an engine that has an open source reimplementation, you’re in luck. A new tool, called Luxtorpeda, can now make sure that these older games run well byt automatically downloading and setting up these open source engines, and using them to run your game.

VKD3D-Proton, the directX 12 to Vulkan translation layer used by Valve in Proton to run Windows games on Linux, has begun the work needed to support Ray Tracing on Linux.

Wine 6.1 was also released, with support for Arabic text shaping, the use of VKD3D 1.2 to handle DirextX 12 in Wine, and support for Rosetta 2’s memory layout. This last point means that Wine 6.1 should work fine on M1 Macs, which is amazing for people using these devices.


35 thoughts on “Options to replace CentOS, Ubuntu takes risks in 21.04, and Google destroys Chromium – Linux News

  1. I actually really like that it is now free up to 16, but IIRC, they still have some proprietary stuff built in that CentOS yanked out.

    Edit: 5:00 Wayland still has issues with some Xorg apps. Wine, I think, though, for all intents and purposes, is the biggest hold back.

  2. I think it is a good idea not switch to wayland and gnome 4 in one release. If someone has ui problems and you had switched both at once, it would be harder to find out, what is coursing the problems

  3. Wayland still doesn't have feature parity with X for important things like screen sharing (without janky workarounds like Pipewire). Now that everyone is working from home and using screen sharing more than ever, I guess it's a great time to try and force people to use Wayland. 🙄

  4. Maybe firefox uses more RAM but when it comes to loading so many images, scrolling down youtube comments while video continues, making a youtube video fullscreen and any other animations and 60fps stuff; chromium based browsers suck. Also there is a browser named "Palemoon" that runs pretty awesome on older hardware. It's based on firefox so it's also fast.

  5. I understand a lot of you guys like that Chromium is going to be un-Googled,but for most users this is probably going to be a problem. A browser without modern features like a cloud sync or spellcheck or geolocation or etc can be a dealbreaker, and cause users to migrate to Chrome proper. That's what Google wants, and is overall worse for the internet. It sucks that this is the way it is, but until sweeping legislation puts the Tech Megacorps under proper regulations, we have to accept that most users rely on these stupid API's for their daily tasks.
    Maybe we need to build open-source alternatives to these API's?

  6. I'm glad wayland is starting to hit critical mass, I'm all in on it already except where I need the Nvidia blob. I don't know how noticeable it is for people on GNOME, but moving from X/dwm/picom to Wayland/dwl has some very noticeable graphical and performance improvements.

  7. Your chronology is incorrect WRT the free RHEL .. Red Hat announced at the time they made the CentOS Stream announcement thet they had been working on easier RHEL acesss and would announce it in Q1 2021, which they did. They have several other initiatives they are still working on to get RHEL to HPC and Educational uses, amounf other things. There will be more announements in the future.

    This move has nothing to do with selling RHEL .. it is actually opening up the RHEL development process to the community for input.

    CentOS Stream is absolutely fine to run on a server .. it is not any less stable or less secure than Debian or Ubuntu (for example) and has a 5 year lifetime. The only thing it is not is a direct downstream of RHEL. It is what will become the MINOR version of RHEL in 1 to 6 months (depending on when in the development cycle you install it). But is is ABI?API compatible with RHEL since RHEL 8.4 (for example) will be ABI/API compatible with RHEL 8.3.

    You say CentOS Stream is not a replacecment for CentOS Linux .. but it absolutely is. Red Hat does not recommend it (Stream) for productino use .. but thet also never recommended CentOS Linux for production use .. So no change there. Just try it and see if it meets your needs.

  8. With wayland on default the users won't be really eager to report issues from my experience.
    They need to implement applet that will pop up once in a while or during errors that ask if anything weird happened on the screen with a sort off form to fill and commands to run to get data about machine and suff.
    and without logging it, because that's great obstacle.
    I do realise that anonymous reports can be misused but a feedback has to be as convenient as possible or else noone is gonna do it

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