openSUSE: Ubuntu Killer? | LAS | s26e02

It’s our review of openSUSE 12.3. Is this powerful distribution an island of refuge for Ubuntu defectors? And we’ll discuss how openSUSE stands on it’s own, as a distribution with a rich legacy that’s following it’s own path to the future. But are there a few bumps along this journey?

Plus: Some desktop replacements for Google Reader, support for Wayland builds, your emails…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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28 thoughts on “openSUSE: Ubuntu Killer? | LAS | s26e02

  1. Are these two clowns still on YouTube with their stupid videos talking about anything and everything OTHER than what their titles say they were gonna talk about, for at least 30-60 minutes before they get to the point? Jeez.

    And just to take it one step further now I have to hear them pronounce a fckin version number "12 dot 3". Please go jump off a bridge somewhere. Or learn some English.

    "Why would there be any doubt about this? '2.0' is clearly a version number with a decimal point in it, and therefore it's self-evident that the separator between the two numbers is pronounced 'point'."

  2. I hadn't heard about UK government's mandate on open source, really glad to hear it, but I would like to see an additional requirement that wherever government is using proprietary software they should fund the development of Free (capital F for freedom) software to replace the proprietary software in the future.

  3. If opensuse is ubuntu killer, i can't imagine how crappy is ubuntu. 😀 After 3 installation attempts of opensuse 12.3 kde, i can't have a stable and 100% functionally system (kwin crashes at reboot or shutdown, horrible video quality and no streaming video at all with Firefox).

  4. Here is a whole comment dedicated to how bad the windows is. 1st of all it you cannot install new commands with APT. the commands pre-installed suck. there is no bash no sh and no other awesome shells. the C api sucks. why the hell is ls replaced with dir. the commands suck. the system is not easily modified. It is SLOW! It crashes. If your complaining of the linux bugs. you've never tried windows out. It has SO MANY BUGS. vista is ranked the worst operating system.

  5. Also the windows gui sucks. to prove mac is unix. I installed kde and x11 packages on a mac. Only unix systems can run those packages. Give me 10 reasons windows is better than linux that are true. you can run linux on any computer. and every 5 seconds a new linux distro is released. And every time a new windows os it has 10000 more bugs literally. linux is the most stable os i know. Why are you watching this then if you hate linux for false reasons.

  6. you really have not tried it. Because the kernels way more stable than windows. Stop committing with no knowledge of computers. Mac is unix! google it. its based off of the darwinbsd shell. i've seen a million windows bluescreens non-invoked. but i've never seen a linux panic non-invoked. And people can only make their own kernel. name 5 linux distros. And apple works with unix sometimes Because it is unix! google it. ps ios and android are unix to. Windows nt and dos kernels suck.

  7. You've never tried linux. Mac is unix. theres a lot more reasons why windows is worse then linux to. Unixlinux is made up of packages. So anyone can contribute on the kernel. they kernel panic 2. its called a bsod(Blue screen of death) And the C language is not universal. FYI their are tons of linux distro's that have windows GUI and similar commands. you can use aptitude to get packages that have all of the windows commands.
    And there are MANY MORE REASONS LINUX is better than windows.

  8. im not a huge M$ fan, it used to be all i used, until i got a powerbook g4, with OS X 10.4 and i loooved it, and now i find windows to be largely inferior to mac os x, and once i found ubuntu linux, windows is almost unusable, OS X and ubuntu are both so much simpler and easier to use.. and dont get me started on windows 8…

  9. why are so many microsoft users so close minded to change, and love sucking the M$ teet?.. they all seem to be drones. personally i dont like M$ since gates left.

  10. To be honest I almost never get a blue screen since windows 7 and I find that linux also crashes sometimes. Windows 7 is absolutely not laggy. Windows 7 is a very solid operating system for people who mainly use the mouse and do office work.

    I personally use OpenSUSE for my day to day work (programming), mainly because of the terminal and because I control everything by keyboard. But if you do office work mail, spreadsheets etc with the mouse, and are not a computer expert, win 7 is def better.

  11. Actually steam is working on a linux version. Steam is also working on a linux open source console. Android which is based on linux has a lot of games also.

    1. It is open source.
    2. No viruses
    3. No Bluescreen
    4. Epic terminal/command line
    5. Windows command line sucks
    6. Windows is LAGGGY
    7. There is only 1 windows there are millions of linux distros.
    8. Linux is fast
    9. Linux has desktop environments
    10. Linux has aptitude, yum, or apt-get

    P.S: i'm not going to start a comment war.

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