8 thoughts on “OpenSUSE Followup | LINUX Unplugged 65

  1. It's funny that you're doing a Firefox challenge now. I've switched to Firefox for about 2 weeks. I generally get better scores on Peacekeeper with Firefox than Chrome (on SolydK 64-bit). I find that it's a bit slower to start, but it feels as speedy as Chrome after it's started.

  2. LTS makes sense, since the average american internet speed is measured in single digit megs.  Where many parts of europe (and some 3rd world countries) are measured in triple digit megs.

  3.  I would say that the latest Linux/Windows distros don't really have to much hardware issues. I use windows almost exclusively except freenas box, but the girl uses Mac/Ubuntu so I have had to pick up skills in BSD/Linux/Windows. Linux could easily win me over If they simply had more game support. I would say in another 3-5 years Linux becoming way more common as more and more support for games is pushed that way with steam pushing a little more onto the platform.

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