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31 thoughts on “OMG!!!IOctane Run Weh ANDREW HOLNESS WICKEDD After He Told Preacher THAT VACClNE IS GOD WORK|Sep.21

  1. All these entertainers talking about Andrew this and Andrew that but none of them don’t have a solution to the problem, how about we come together and help our prime minister with suggestions of what to do, it’s just that simple.

  2. I Octane has already taken the vaccine…don’t be order for him to travel and enjoy certain privileges in the USA you have to now produce a vaccination card..don’t be tricked by this pork lover

  3. Why anju doh tell wah ingredent is ina di vacxine dem. An mek a scientis talk if it unnataral or no. Goat urine or cow milk ina 1 syring is natral. Goat urine an cow milk togetha in a syring unnatural god neva mek dem to work an go togetha same ting said fi de many diffrent compounds weh ina di vacxine dem Wah anju calling of gad and calling natral is realy de compouns weh scientis find ina nature plants an oda ting natral weh god mek. dem tek many differnt compounds structure from natral ting put it togetha ina vaxcine Dat no natural Beta yo tel dem find di same medicinal propaties requia fi fight di corono virus fi we injes since a so it NATRAL. Mek we body use it natral way a fight off di virus tru injeshon a medicen. no force wi body fi tek it tru juk. No Injektion no good or natral. Compounds weh fine ina nature a like a computa cood sofwhere or a progam weh god mek fi funtion ina nature an cah funtion same way ina yo body jus di same cause yo body aksep it it of god. Even doh dat it cause diffrent tings fi happen an gawn ina yo body. combine dem difrent strkture ya of gad an a do wah dem feel like wid e an ah put it ina yo body yo mad. Alkina sicknes cansa ah diseas ah com outa it, all shota lifespan like weh polio vacxine an smallpax vacxine dem caus. Baphamet works dat why uno no go eat laval or pison leaf insted or evn injek since a dat uno wah. Wile yo anju cah seh a gad. rasta hindu budist muslim an jehovawitnis dem can seh dem nah fi tek it cah a anu fi dem gad mek it. Ah gad mek corono virus 19? If a su it natral peaple suppose fi go population is baluncing out. If corono virus 19 not natral fra gad nobody shud neededs to takes a vacxine or catch corono virus.
    Wile a vacxine cah mayb safe fi use if yo realy know wah yo realy a do. Doh trus man wid it wus wen dem nah too tes it fi no long time.An fo menton som vacxine dem dem say av magnict. Mi no wah say no more weh dat cah do if a tru incase dem no tink bout dem move way deh yet. But it serious

  4. I octane is a idiot all him want is the country to open up an make him make money this virus was plan by the bigger heads what the government must do feed everybody everyone knows u save for a rainy day this virus affects the whole world 🌎 hospital in Jamaica is full

  5. Andrew Holness is the Devil himself in a human form the Devil uses his wisdom trying to fool people he even try to fool Christ by showing him the cities and saying kneel down and worship me and I will give all this to you and Christ said get thee behind me Andrew Holness because Christ knows Andrew Holness mouth his full of lies and he is not for poor people

  6. Just the way Andrew talk you can see that he got instructions from a higher head. The big man a talk crap. After sin came up on man that’s when choice was put before man good and evil because man became unholy. My point is… if a man make a bomb and walk into a station and blow it up that is not the works of God, therefore if a scientist created a formula that does not derive or comes from nature it is classified as unnatural Sir. The chicken that took 3-4 week to mature is that natural Sir? Illiteracy is the greatest virus on earth.

  7. Nah lie seems like brogad a lose it how can he be telling ppl about god created the vaccine 💉😔👁️👁️ y does he keep trying to force ppl to take the vaccine 💉 y don't he let ppl do there own research on what to take if they want to take it 💯🤦🏾‍♂️

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