NEW Kind of Web Browser on Linux

Tangram is a browser that gives you a place to manage web applications. These web apps will open in their own persistent and independent tabs within the application. Tengram uses WebKitGTK, the Web engine behind GNOME Web.

Check it out:


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32 thoughts on “NEW Kind of Web Browser on Linux

  1. Hmmm…Interesting. It could be useful for things like Google Docs and other productivity web apps. Wonder if there's a way to make custom shortcuts to open the specific web apps up in their own windows using this browser. It would basically be like having a web app become as accessible as opening an application at that point. I vaguely remember seeing another Linux app that did it for the web version of MS Office, but I don't remember the name of it.

  2. The use case I think about is for more privacy, get accounts separated from the browser for average people and most important to keep them isolated each account in a tab.

  3. In my job we need to get hosting from google but I also access YouTube through my other account since apparently workspaces doesn’t integrate with YouTube. Whatever. I think this would work for me.

  4. Techhut What do you prefer, tell the truth, an operating system, I mean, not a design or a game, only a talking system windows or linux because i see a lot of YouTubers talk about linux and it’s great it’s best it’s my favorite but he is using windows 😇

  5. Thanks, that looks interesting! IMO for a browser to be of any use, 1) they should of course provide sound and video since it seems to be a problem right now, 2) it should provide an ad blocker (especially for Youtube which is very aggressive, but also most other sites that are cluttered with ads), 3) it should be able to protect cookies, history and other privacy info for each identity with a password (or a global password). And of course be compliant enough with HTML5, I suppose we can drop Java by now (and use another browser for old administrative sites still relying on Java applets). But then there's email, … so I wonder if that's not easier to set several Linux accounts and launch an existing browser from there.

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