Modicia 22.04.1 Ultimate – The Gucci of Linux, a Real Stunner!

Modicia 22.04.1 Ultimate Edition is based on Ubuntu 22.04 and easily one of the finest distros I’ve had the pleasure to review!

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⌚ Timestamps
00:00​ – Intro
03:41 – Viewer Comments on Downloading Modicia
05:55 – Downloading Modicia OS
07:20 – First Look at Modicia OS
08:11 – Modified Whisker Menu
08:29 – Top Panel
09:34 – Installed Applications Launcher
17:51 – App Grid
13:15 – Synaptic Package Manager
15:41 – Installed Applications
21:08 – The Global Menu
21:57 – Top Panel Tray Items
22:06 – Changing Language Regional Settings
24:05 – Main Menu tour and tweaks
28:36 – Plank Bar Settings
35:00 – Kernel
35:20 – Wallpaper and Desktop Settings
37:10 – My Thoughts
40:18 – Outro

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7 thoughts on “Modicia 22.04.1 Ultimate – The Gucci of Linux, a Real Stunner!

  1. Great video as always! This looks rather basic but still interesting. I hope it gets a bit more polished over time, and maybe a dark mode by default. Still sticking with Garuda tho.

  2. Hi Jack, the. Download issue was resolved by adding Download Manager feature to Firefox. Tried to download Modicia again, failed at 3.9gb, bu I was able to resume, and it finished the file, and completed the iso. New issue – I ran into this message when clicking on certain apps that says “keyring password no longer matches your computer login”. Ideas of what would cause this login issue?

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