Make Your GNOME Shell A Unique and Elegant Look with GTK Graphite Theme

Hi everyone. In this video i’am going to show you how to customize GNOME Shell A Unique and Elegant Look with GTK Graphite Theme. this customize using Arch Linux with GNOME Shell 41 series.

You can apply this customize on most popular linux distributions with GNOME Shell 41 as default desktop, such as : such as : Ubuntu, Manjaro Linux GNOME edition, Arch Linux with GNOME Desktop, Gentoo with GNOME Desktop, Feren OS GNOME Edition, Fedora KDE Workstation and OpenSUSE Leap GNOME edition.

Download file contains resource file for this setup :
Intro – 00:00
Final Result – 00:10
Initial Setup – 02:13
Installing GTK theme, icons, fonts and Wallappers
Installing GTK Graphite theme – 05:22
Installing Tela Circle Icons – 07:31
Add Fonts and Wallpapers – 08:50
Applying GTK theme, Icons, Fonts and Wallpapers – 10:36
Installing and Configuring GNOME Extensions – 12:28
GNOME Extension
Installing and Configuring Conky – 15:52
Additonal setup – 19:49
Customize GNOME terminal – 20:02
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18 thoughts on “Make Your GNOME Shell A Unique and Elegant Look with GTK Graphite Theme

  1. Why you're so mean? I've just finished my customisation based on one of your previous beautiful tutorials and now you uploading this masterpiece. So I have to set everything up once agan? 🙁
    Or I need second laptop?
    Awesome job, thanks for doing this for us ❤️

  2. Gnome is the best till date as far as i have seen. Modern. Simple. Elegant. BEST. other distros might be good, but not productive like Gnome
    Thanks a lot for video

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