Look @ StormOS – Live Voice Call Interview With Ben

Look @ StormOS – Live Voice Call Interview With Ben

This is a live voice call interview with Ben of the StormOS project. StormOS is an Arch based distro available on Sourceforge at:

StormOS is a beginner friendly distribution based on Arch Linux. Developed by Ben Fitzpatrick, silent robot, seeker, rayzer1981, tj wolf, and yugiohmaster88. This distro’s goal is to help bring new users over to the world of Arch Linux by offering an easy to install, out of the box Arch Linux experience.

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5 thoughts on “Look @ StormOS – Live Voice Call Interview With Ben

  1. Wow! Look at all the smoke in the air as the problem solving kicks into gear… 😛
    Thanks Eznix and Ben for the look at StormOS and the history behind the Man… 🙂
    Glad you both decided to keep the video going so others can see what problem solving a Respin/OS is all
    about and how the descustion goes to get something fixed… Bravo Guys! Well Done!
    Thanks for the video and glad you posted it for us viewers!

    BTW I'm the guy that like this stuff, worts and all… 😀

  2. Great video. Liked it to have a look at the 'creative' process of creating an iso. Also shows that making your own distro requires curiosity, knowledge, stamina and a great community to learn from. Not something you just copy and paste, as seems to be a current 'hip' thing. Respect to everyone who is able to get a decently well or good working iso out there!

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