LIVE! Back to Westerado!! IT WAS YOU!

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2. Do not spam the chat or self promote!
3. No backseat gaming or spoilers.
4. Do not harass me about seeing my roommates (or dogs)!
5. Do not ask to play with me. If I need people to play with, I will ask.
6. I am not a therapist or a doctor – if you need help, please seek it outside this stream.

12 thoughts on “LIVE! Back to Westerado!! IT WAS YOU!

  1. Death Trash leaves us with so many questions. What is the secret and what is going on there in general? The game is so good. Thank you for finishing the game.

    Howdy to Westerado, the ride through the prairie was wild and was big fun. Thank you for streaming the two games.

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