Linux User Space Season 2 Episode 5 – LeoNix

0:00:00 The Beginning
0:00:37 This Episode
0:01:12 Banter: Packaging
0:07:48 Banter: Keyboards
0:13:58 History of Arch
0:53:24 Opinions on Arch
1:17:24 Housekeeping
1:21:39 App Focus: Krita
1:28:08 Next Time
1:28:55 Distro Reveal
1:30:38 Thanks
1:31:21 Stinger

Coming up in this episode
1. Dan delivers
2. The strongest form of architecture
3. We answer: Which way to my wiki?!
4. And logos get vectored

* [Ubuntu Feature Freeze](

Arch Linux
* [Arch Linux](
* [Basic principles](
* Arch Linux [Wikipedia page](
* [Initial release was on 11 March 2002](
* [Judd Vinet](
* [Pacman 1.0 was released in 2002 as well](
* [Ladislav Bodnar interview on Distrowatch of Judd Vinet](
* [The Arch Wiki is born](
* [Media Wiki](
* [Planet Arch is launched](
* [Arch releases the first joke](
* [Another joke in 2006](
* [April Fools 2007, Arch announces a name change to Ark Linux](
* [Arch moves to YYYYMM versioning.](
* [Judd Vinet hands over the reins](
* [Arch logo competition was announced](
* [The Arch Magazine is launched!](
* [It was converted to the ezine.](
* [New process for future leaders](
* [Latest poll for the current leader](
* [Video from ArchConf October 2020](,_Present_and_Future)
* [April 2021 introduction of the new guided installer](
* [Arch moves from Freenode to Libera](
* [Steam Deck will run Arch](


* Name – **Arch Linux**
* Base System – **Arch**
* Desktop Environment – **Any**
* File Manager – **All**
* Package Manager – **pacman**
* Kernel – **Rolling 5.13.12 as of today**
* Display Manager – **All**
* **Wayland or X11** –
* Project Leader: **Levante Polyak**

* [The Arch Wiki](
* [Discord Server](
* [Matrix Room](
* Support us at [Patreon](
* Join us on [Telegram](
* Follow us on [Twitter](

App Focus
This episode’s app:
* [Krita](

Next Time
**With us trying out Arch Linux for this past month, that means our next show will be topic based. We have a few topics planned for you and all of them will affect you in the Linux User Space.**

Our next distro to check out is [Elementary OS 6](

Join us in two weeks when we return to the Linux User Space

Stay tuned on Twitter, Telegram, Matrix, Discord whatever. Join the conversation. Talk to us, and give us more ideas.

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