Linux user don't care about the community!

So the Linux community is not that important according to the community :O

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11 thoughts on “Linux user don't care about the community!

  1. I do agree with that people do not care about community. I can give you couple reasons. If you learn about Linux you will learn about the system, the issues and how to fix the issue. I don't need the community for fixing the issues since I know how to go deeper into Linux.

    The only reason why I would care about Linux Community is donations so that Linux distro will stay other then that I make my own Ubuntu respin. Lots of people hate Ubuntu I can show them that they are wrong. You can disable snap or flat packs on any system if you know how to use the CLI.

    Linux has so many ways to install packages it becomes a joke talking about snap and flat. What about finding on git web site app-get where you could install from the CLI chrome web browser example? Or what about finding chrome web browser on a web site where they have appimmages?

    Community is there if people want to go deep on something that is pointless because Linux is way easier to set- up then Windows. Every issue that CLI stated to me all I did is re install Install with my respin and I was back on track within 5 minutes. I didn't need to use timeshift or any backup tool since I backup my folders that I need for archiso example on github private site or USB.

    Its the same concept with Windows. You don't need geeksquate or any help if you know how to operate your system. You get what you want and need and you role with it. The main thing in Linux are updates and making sure you don't install bunch of apps.

    To keep your system running just install apps you need and keep updates. I run Linux on a USB drive. I can leave my PC in Europe take my Linux USB drive and keep updates and maintenance in US. When I go to Europe I just take my USB with me and use Linux in Europe.

    In conclusion I think Community is there to support them if you like Linux but many people install Linux distro they use it for school and if that distro dies they use another distro.

    There was a debate on YouTube everyone talking about CentOS. In about few weeks they came up with AlmaOS same concept same repositories. Linux will not die as a whole but distros will come and go.

  2. I was click baited here and subbed anyways… I have used Linux since 1998 and have seen many phases of Linux communities. I could rant out a book about it but will spare everyone. well maybe a small rant..

    Linux and the community is important. Just stop and think for a moment about the world we would have today if Linux and open source did not get the chance to grow. Just about every major advancement of the internet and web as we know it would not exist. We would be stuck in some snail paced alternate corporate reality of the web. It would be most suck. people would not of been able to have affordable personal websites. google would not of been able to afford a presence, there would not of been jack to index in the search engines. none of this would exist. Linux made innovation on the web affordable for anyone to startup. you could pull a computer out of the trash and have a website up running your business. Linux as a server advanced quicker than any commercial system at that time for "free". This was because of a community at first… then corporations slowly joined that community and help to fund it. They teamed up! who the heck would of though competing corporations would team up? they were forced too. Open source and it's affect on how the internet grew was faster than they could comprehend. They wanted in. All of this sprang out of a small community.

  3. I don’t necessarily think community is as important as the project itself, but I do think it’s very valuable for one main reason – support. In the example of a distro like Ubuntu it makes finding answers a lot easier because of the number of people using it, which seems to be one of the main points brought up when people recommend it to new users.

  4. I understand where you're coming from, TRG. If you asked me that question 'now', I would simply say that I needed to get away from Windows and Linux just works and does everything I need it to. In other words your number 3 🙂 But, if you asked me that 3 years ago when I was more of a newbie and on a steep learning curve, I would've said 'community' because forum support and other information centres (like YouTubers) were the most important thing to me. Horses for courses I guess 🙂 Depending on your stage of development in Linux perhaps?

  5. If anyone ever wants to know what the best Linux distro is, just look at what distro the Linux community hates the most and that would be standard Ubuntu. The reason why is because the Linux community hates user friendliness, stability and ease of access.

  6. There is no Linux community unless you go to a LUG. Comment sections on YouTube don't count.

    Using the same software makes a 'community' that's pure stupidity…

  7. Although I fall for the excitement of tribalism etc, you are actually probably the most realistic Linux channel. Kimd of calming everyones excited tits 💪😄

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