Linux of the Future | DLN Xtend 83

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss the next generation of Linux users.

Welcome to episode 83 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We take conversations from the DLN Community from places like the DLN Discourse Forums, Telegram group, Discord server and more. We also take topics from other shows around the network to give our takes.

00:00 Introduction
11:51 Topic – Linux of the Future
37:19 Host Related Interest
52:09 Wrap Up

– Phone Search

– Game Sword and Fairy 7
– Charity Event

– Virtual 3-way switch

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6 thoughts on “Linux of the Future | DLN Xtend 83

  1. File structure and the lack of people being used to one, if I recall was the subject of an article that I had read and students just couldn't get some programs to run because they didn't know file hierarchy.

    With the way Windows and Apple bring things deeper and deeper to discourage mucking around even with just settings.

    Change just for change isn't always a good thing. Have to understand where things came from in order to understand where things are going.

  2. Old tech that I will not give up consists of my old computer case with DRIVE BAYS! I have several hot swap bays in my case along with a HDD Power Switch so that at any time I can boot, on hardware, one of several operating systems that I want to try/play with. This has the benefit of taking my main daily driver off-line so that it won't get corrupted when I play. My big backup drive is also internal and switched off until I make a back up, so it is safer during power bumps or other disasters that don't physically destroy my home.
    And yes, I still have a DVD Reader/Writer in my tower case. I burn ISO's to DVD and boot them form my Shuttle SA76R4 with my AMD Phenom II 955 processor. It runs great on linux but will not boot from a USB thumbdrive for distro installation.

    Also, I will not give up my desktop. When I am on the computer I am on the computer. When I am visiting my friends and family I am NOT on my computer because I do not take it with me. Most folks today have a phone in their face even when 'visiting' friends and family. Being half-assed interactive is worse than being alone to me.
    As an old hermit, I am with Nate. I would NOT go with the first gen phone. I'd rather be disappointed by waiting for a new thing vs aggravated by bugs that are constantly popping up.
    Great show guys! Be safe and stay well. Appreciate the effort and time you put in!

  3. I disable the touch pad too… it's just not a great input device… I don't even like touch on my phone. I very much prefer mouse and keyboard(if I could on my phone I probably would). it just feels clunky, a lot of times it's not entirely precise(or at least consistently so), which leads to hitting the wrong thing, because the UI layout of an app just isn't really all that well suited for that interface due to minor issues, like button spacing, and I have fairly small hands. My laptop sadly isn't going to be supported for windows 11(laptop runs it just fine btw, it's just slow to boot), so, it'll probably end up being a linux machine when support for 10 ends. Can't just run the insider builds forever, as much as I'd like to. I heard nvidia is finally caving and starting to work on drivers for wayland, which… is promising I suppose. if the anti-cheat mechanisms all get ported or at least proton enabled(which I hear battleeye has done recently but it's up to the devs of each game to contact them to get it enabled and they're notoriously lazy about doing simple things), I feel like I could comfortably transfer back fully.

  4. Wonder if some guy in 2041 will find this in a youtube archive or something, and how he will react.
    If you are this guy, please leave a reaction on this comment, I'm very interested lol, even if you're from 2025 or something.

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