Lightning (AMV) – Evolution

After the bizarre event, let’s go back to regular programming. Today we have one of my all time favorite villains, in yu gi oh most villains (even the most psycho) …

33 thoughts on “Lightning (AMV) – Evolution

  1. A great video to what I consider to be the main antagonist of vrains….which may also explain why I don´t really like Vrains over all, I dunno the villains and characters in this show except two characters for me at least were rather…mixed to say it blundly. That and to actually give a reason of why I don´t like Lightning…he killed Blood Sheppard (for like two seconds but still).

  2. Really well done tribute Arkham! Haven't watched Yu Gi Oh seen I was a kid but man this Lightning character looks and sounds really interesting! Great job and im really excited to see what you do for Magneto!

  3. Really did not like Vrains after Season 1. All the dangling plot threads, what was done to Blue Angel and Go, Soulburner in general…
    Still tho I like the song choice for Lightning, even tho I think he’s just an okay villain

  4. I was very hyped for this video and it was a masterpiece and this song should really be used more is perfect and is used perfectly for lighting you did perfect Arkham keep up the good work comrade

  5. Uuu Arkham another one of your miracles. I absolutly love it, and absolutly can't wait for more. Keep it up and Long Live The Arkham.
    PS: What is going on with this " Watchmen" movie? No I did not forget 😜

  6. A brilliant tribute for one of my favourite yugioh villains I hope to see more yugioh villains like windy the three Emperor's of yliaster Nightshroud and Z-one.
    Excellent job Arkham can't wait to see magneto next.

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