Kaseya Gets Hacked in the Biggest Ransomware Attack in History.

In this video I discuss the recent ransomware attack on Kaseya that has resulted in over 1000 companies in their supply chain being attacked with ransomware.

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38 thoughts on “Kaseya Gets Hacked in the Biggest Ransomware Attack in History.

  1. Hmm, how convenient for them to attack people during independence day. And their precious ransom white lists russians, so that they can't be attacked.

    Gee i wonder why… What could these two things i just described have in common…

    Also, this is why you don't place your trust on IT, or any supply chain technology. Otherwise, you might risk loosing your data to a bunch of haxxors, or commies.

  2. As far as I know in russia hackers get really harsh prison sentences for hacking Russians but no or very mild punishment for hacking non-Russians.
    That's probably why russian keyboards are not affected.

  3. A client at my last job got hit with a ransomware attack that locked 20+ servers. The biggest issue for them? They didn't want to pay for off site backups. This completely crippled the company and I do believe they negotiated a discounted (but still very hefty) price to unlock it.

    Off-site/offline backups are an absolute must

  4. Wow. Former employees warn of this happening years ago to the management yet were either rebuffed and or fired. Then to save money they outsourced alot of the work to Belarus which Russia has alot of influence over.. WHAT A FUCKING OUTRAGE.. PEOPLE NEED TO BE TRIED AND CONVICTED ON CHARGES. OF WHATEVER WILL IS THE HARSHEST PENALTY

  5. I don’t know if you reply to comments ever or if you’ll see this since this isn’t on a brand new video, but I was curious as to what your career is now? I’ve heard you mention that you used to work at geek squad. I’m in a limbo in trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I graduated from college with a degree in psychology with a plan of going to graduate school but have changed my mind. I’ve taught myself a fair bit of coding over the past year and am either looking to become a sysadmin or a software developer. I’m not sure about going back to get another undergraduate degree so I was going to see if you had any input here

  6. Sweden actually has their own mobile payment system called swish, which is actually even more prominent than paying with cash, so no one had to use Apple or Samsung pay xD

  7. It constantly surprises me how fragile our IT infrastructure is across the board. Everyone in this space or that even tangentially involved should go read Nassim Taleb's Anti-fragile and practice its wisdom in IT.

  8. What's your opinion on WEF'S "Adverting a Cyberpandemic attack" and Cyber Polygon?
    A video about that would be interesting 🙂

  9. 3:45
    On the right there you see the logo for the mobile payment systems swedes use, swish.
    Cash isn't a realistic solution anymore since most don't carry cash. Sure there's still ATMs around but you're not going to go to an ATM and then come back to the store. You go to a different store.

  10. Not a apple fan here (jesus lord forbid), what do you think about Apple's M1 cpus, they are out performing laptop cpus, and do you think any company like intel or amd will actually be able to make one of thos ARM cpus for laptops anytime soon ?

  11. sorry but your prolonged discussion about padding is completely meaningless since if you just look at most windows binaries they all have padding. probably a compiler thing or exe format feature. maybe you should have opened a disassembly instead of useless hex dump to look even smarter.

  12. The reason they don’t attack Russian targets is because the FSB would destroy them. They break no law in Russia doing what they are doing provided no attack is targeting ANY Russian person or business, in Russia. That is why they do a simple search for systems keyboard type and skip Russian systems.

  13. In Sweden they probably used Swish, which is like their own app for processing payments instead of the Apple/Samsung/Google apps etc

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