Johnny Depp Allegedly TRIED TO SUBMIT Nude Photos of Amber Heard as Trial Evidence

Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, may have come to a close, but not every shocking claim nor accusation was included during the trial. In 6,000 pages of now-unsealed court docs, it’s revealed that Johnny Depp allegedly tried submitting nude photos of the actress into evidence. Additionally, the docs show that Amber’s team tried claiming Johnny suffered from erectile dysfunction, which they allege may have been a motivation for abuse.

27 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Allegedly TRIED TO SUBMIT Nude Photos of Amber Heard as Trial Evidence

  1. Amber deserves ZERO sympathy. The attorneys and Amber have embarrassed themselves. And, now their team is mad because “all the evidence they wouldn’t allow in” has proven more and more to back Johnny. 🤣 This is ridiculous.

  2. Johnny Depp is a piece of shit. So he dragged his victim to court twice, forced her to testify to abuse and sexual assault when she didn't want to, insisted on televising and live streaming the trial even though it includes DV and SA forgetting that this would trigger a lot of people, which resulted in the whole world mocking Amber Heard's SA and abuse story, and then he wanted to include a woman's nudes to be in public record AND televised for the whole world to see? WTF!

  3. The photos were not old and they were cropped to show face, neck, and some shoulder and they coincided with an abuse allegation date. She's clearly got no makeup on Ava zero bruises. It was ELAINE WHO was trying to spin it that depp was going to bring up her stripper past 🙄. Judges allow both sides to seal stuff. It didn't matter because there were plenty of clothed pics that proved she had no bruising so it wasn't that big of a deal. The media likes to lie and spin things too. Thankfully the majority know not to trust the media especially when we can find facts elsewhere. We all saw the trial and these documents are available to the public to read themselves.
    You are no longer able to sway public opinion with your fake news. 😆

  4. You're lying
    The NUDE PHOTOS were cropped and recent and showed she had no bruises. IT WAS ELAINE WHO TRIED TO SPIN IT AS THEY WERE GOING TO BRING UP SHE WAS A STRIPPER. that was before she knew Johnny and had nothing to do with the cropped nude showing no bruises.
    Stop trying to spin for Amber. You are untrustworthy
    And foolish to believe that we the public aren't going over the documents ourselves and with trustworthy YouTubers.
    ET you're a joke compared to LAWTUBE superstar attorneys…. You know the ones who are attorneys in REAL LIFE and not talking heads who know zero about this case.

  5. What is with that title? Completely altering the facts. Depp did NOT try to get those nude photos admitted. And would only have used them in the context of injuries. Should AMBER choose to include them

  6. Actually, I am convinced that God has saved Johnny and God loves Johnny. Because nobody knows what she might have set up with him. He might have not be alive by now. Nobody knows what she is capable of. You know what I suppose!

  7. Y’all are falling over yourselves to explain this one and it’s honestly embarrassing to watch. Whatever you think actually happened, pushing to make their proceedings public AND pushing to use nudes as “evidence” is gross as fuck and is clearly a form of attempted revenge porn but we’re all too biased to acknowledge that right?

    One of y’all was literally trying to say that the reason why they wanted to use the nude pics is because they wanted to show that there was no evidence of physical abuse… so they were literally just gonna project nudes up for everyone to see and y’all woulda been okay with it bc you don’t see a fucking bruise? Y’all need to touch grass, as soon as fucking possible bc your stupidity and gullible nature in the face of your faves and a targeted smear campaign will make even the smartest of y’all FOLD.

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