Is Manjaro the only real desktop Linux?

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6 thoughts on “Is Manjaro the only real desktop Linux?

  1. Manjaro is a must install on all 3 of my machines. It's grub screen is the best and handles all my other operating systems like no other grub screen I've ever used. Manjaro is probably the only linux distro that can possibly rival Windows on the desktop, especially with the plasma DE. They've come a long way since the days when after an update where something would inevitably break to now where everything just seems to work flawlessly. It's definitely my number 1. Just do a pacman -Syy, then a pacman -Syu once a week and it's runs like a charm.

  2. Good video. I recently became a convert to Manjaro and really like it. For example, I find Xfce plain but Manjaro’s Xfce is a superb experience. Same for their GNOME, KDE, and Cinnamon desktops. I hope they implement a layout switcher some day into KDE like they have in GNOME.

  3. Gotta love the title – the most anti-FOSS title I have seen in a while. 🙂 BTW, some Arch users will say no, Arch is. Gentoo users will say it is for real Linux users. Slackware users will say it is the real Linux distribution. Etc., etc., etc. 🙂 Nonetheless, Manjaro is a good distribution for newbies that want a rolling release and are willing to deal with some things breaking once in a while. Ubuntu, in my opinion, has done a LOT for the Linux community (I know, a lot of people are up in arms over the Snap repository not being open). For stability reasons, I recommend Debian based, or Ubuntu based (which itself is based on Debian), distributions to newbies – Linux Mint, PopOS, MX Linux, Zorin, Ferrin, etc. I really like Linux Mint Cinnamon, and bounce between that and Arch with the KDE desktop. I also have an install with KDE Neon, which I also really like.

  4. Not sure if it means anything TRG, but Manjaro has been my preferred daily driver choice for quite a while now 🙂 I guess, if anything though, it means I'm probably biased lol. I also found their forums really helpful as well when I was going through my 'newbie' phase 🙂

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