Intel Visual BIOS UEFI systemd-boot on Archlinux extravaganza

On my new NUC5CPYH I try boot via the new EFI bootloader. It takes me a good hour to figure it out.

What advantages does EFI have over a straightforward syslinux boot? I have no idea. All I see so far is complexity disadvantages. For example, I cannot not edit the boot as simple as pressing tab on syslinux (44th minute is what happens when there is no working systemd-boot config. No opportunity to define /vmlinuz!).

WARNING: I only begin to understand how to create the /boot FAT partition (aka the EFI System Partition aka ESP) 28 minutes in! Only about 31 minutes in I work out how bootctl install works.

Around 35 minutes, I work out that I need /boot around for pacstrap to drop the kernel in. Annoyingly `bootctl update` doesn’t seem to detect the install and create a config for you. Only in the 50th minute I pluck in the courage (and strength) to create a configuration for systemd-boot.

Huge PITA to specify root partition with PARTUUID.

Near the end of the video (59 mins)… after enabling fastboot, I cannot seem to get to the Visual Bios (v2.2.16) setup anymore. Furthermore VisualBios does not seem to recognise I have an awesome Internet connection! UPDATE: Fastboot can be disabled by holding down the power button, see:

BIG QUESTION: Why does it take 12s for the FIRMWARE?!?!?!?! (After enabled fastboot in Visual Bios it drops to 10s….)

5 thoughts on “Intel Visual BIOS UEFI systemd-boot on Archlinux extravaganza

  1. Is there a way to get rid of the insert bottom right of the screen showing some guy that reminds me of my favorite drunk at the local sports bar… so I can focus on the the useful content of this otherwise interesting vid? Thank you…!

  2. You need to mount the ROOT filesystem first, and after that the /boot. You made a sandwich mounting /mnt/boot first, mounting ROOT on /mnt, and after that, mounting again /mnt/boot…

    Good vid showing UEFI boot configurations with systemd 🙂

  3. Thank you so much on helping me to get a boot loader successfully installed on Arch Linux. It seems like no matter what I did for grub it wouldn't work at all but after watching your video you helped me to install systemd-boot and I finally can continue to the finishing touches of my install on my shitty computer

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