InstantOS Review – A Minimal Arch Linux based Distro with a Custom WM

InstantOS is a Minimal Arch Linux based distro with a Custom WM known as InstantWM. InstantOS provides a great environment to people who want to move from a full fledged Desktop Environment over to a Window Manager. Also it provides a responsive Linux environment with a powerful package manager and your choice between Pacman or the Nix Packaging system.

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00:00 WM Status Bar
00:20 Quick Select Menu
00:37 Applications Menu
02:02 InstantOS Welcome App
02:30 WM Search
03:05 Key bindings & Info
03:45 Terminal & Pacman Repos
04:40 Shortcuts & Window Animation
05:47 More on Status Bar
06:40 Desktop Shortcuts
07:32 Resource Usage
08:05 System Info
09:18 Overview & Closing Thoughts

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7 thoughts on “InstantOS Review – A Minimal Arch Linux based Distro with a Custom WM

  1. Cheers SavvyNik! It looks like the InstantOS devs are working hard to improve this DE. I'm interested in tiling windows managers but haven't made the move to try one out yet. i3 or Awesome seem to be ready out of the box, but I still need to get my head around editing the config files etc.

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