Installing Ubuntu 17.10

For the first time in 7 years, Ubuntu is shipping the GNOME desktop environment by default! Check out this first look at the new interface as I install Ubuntu 17.10 on my desktop computer.

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32 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu 17.10

  1. I tried to upgrade from ubuntu 17.04 to ubuntu 18.04. Setup stucked and i downloaded ubuntu 17.10.1 hence after installing os stucks at purple screen after login

  2. HI, I just installed Ubuntu 17.10 on my new computer but I am facing a terrible lag on the GUI. I don't have a graphics card but Windows does work seamlessly. Can any one help?

  3. The partition assigned to / starts at an offset of bytes from the minimum alignment for this disk, which may lead to very poor performance.

  4. Hey, I have installed ubuntu on my computer and at the end of the installation machine seems to be lagged while restarting and it doesn't let me do anything

  5. "Ubuntu 17.10.01 comes with nine months of security and maintainace updates up to July 2018".
    What is the meaning of the above line?
    After July ,Ubuntu stop working on my desktop OR after July there is only no updates for Ubuntu and also for security .
    Please help me .
    I am confused.??

  6. Hello, Great video. I am new to Linux platform. I followed step by step but it gives me this error" Grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install inot/target/.without the grub boot loader, the installed system will not boot" . I do have windows 10 currently running with nvidea softwear not amd. I also cannot get into wify as it is fully gray out. Please help thank you

  7. How did you record your screen with That buttery smooth Fps, ik it's 60 FPS but when I tried it with Software such as OBS it's just not as smooth as yours , Are you using a capture card ?

  8. Great video Jacob!! I now have Ubuntu 17.10, Debian 9 and Linux Lite on my internal drive. I'm not much of a gnome user but I will give 17.10 a try for sure!! ?

  9. Hi I want to learn Ubuntu but I don't knw where to start and am using windows and we're is 4 he best place to linux computer I onay knw one website and that's system 76

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