Installing RS232 & Debian on ZyXEL NSA 310 (Network Storage)

Soldering wire to rs232 port and installing Debian on NSA 310.

ZyXEL NSA 310 Hardware Specification:

– ARM v5 1200MHz Processor
– 256MB RAM
– Gigabit Ethernet
– 2x USB 2.0

Used Software:
– Mac OS X 10.8
– Minicom 2.2 (precompiled:
– PL2303 USB-Serial-Adapter Driver (

General NAS-Central Forum (Kernel download and Installation-Guide):

For fan control:
You will need lm-sensors and pwmconfig.

11 thoughts on “Installing RS232 & Debian on ZyXEL NSA 310 (Network Storage)

  1. I'm trying to install debian on my nsa310 and keeps getting the bad mirror error. Network is configured properly. I can wget any file but i can't download release files. Any sugestions?

  2. Hey, great video, I have this running since two years. Only one problem: fan is running on full speed all times. Do you know how to slow it down or even make it dependend from the CPU temperature?

  3. Ah low res desktop view and then you zoom in to the screen right at the end, learn to make videos easier to view. Really though, how can someone achieve this just using the network connection and usb as most people do not want to have to install a port to install an os.

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