Installing Arch Linux

For those who require a step-by-step guide, here’s a walkthrough for how to install my personal favorite desktop GNU/Linux distribution, Arch Linux.

If you’d like to follow along in text form, here are the relevant pages on the Arch Wiki:
– General installation guide:
– Partitioning:
– Bootloader installation:
– General post-installation guide:
– Adding a user:
– Setting up sudo:
– Installing a display manager:
– Installing the SDDM display manager:
– Installing a desktop environment:
– Installing KDE Plasma (and KDE Applications):
– Prevent a black screen when booting in Intel mode on an Intel/NVIDIA switchable-graphics machine:

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18 thoughts on “Installing Arch Linux

  1. I have ryzen 5 3600( no integrated graphics) and rtx2060.. i was installing Arch in it… everything was smooth until I executed "startx"…it was showing error…

    I had installed xorg, sddm, plasma-desktop, nvidia, nvidia-utils. Created the "~/.xinitrc" with "exec startkde"

    It's shutting down X whenever I execute startx.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    peace вњЊпёЏ

  2. I beg to defer about the archlinux community

    Just recently in the archlinux telegram group, I had an issue with kde whereby the recent update broke my arch such that all gifs generated by ffmpeg and/or gifski would just stop animating after 1 frame (if anyone has any solutions, please please help me) – in my screenshot I left my swap in it accidentally

    The first thing someone pointed out was – not my problem, not anything related; it was on my swap.
    1.”Why do you need…why do you have 16gb swap file?” as well as (yes, all on the same day)
    2.”IM FUCKING GOING CRAZY, why does everyone make such a big Hoo ha when it’s just a literal change in package name”
    No, IРІР‚в„ўm not joking – he went berserk because one of the update was that the update asked me if I wanted to change the name for one of the dependencies that was renamed. Apparently it is valid for him to go berserk on me because…I accused that package of being the big problem when i had no choice but to Guess – given that I had nothing to work with

    NOTHING, no logs as well

    Oh yes, some fucks asked me to “read the fucking manual”

  3. awesome video. i have been trying to install arch for 2 days and this saved the day. being up to date helped me a lot. thank you so much, i'm going to recommend this to my friends as well.

  4. Once the installation is finished and I boot into the system, is there something I need to do in terms of configuring iwd and networkmanager or dhcpcd? I'm able to connect using iwd in the terminal but I can't display an ip. I can't ping websites, or download packages from the terminal. Thank you for the video!

  5. Hello. I wanted to add several things:
    08:36 – it is not a grub menu. It is systemd-boot menu.
    12:09 – actually, you could already know in which mode you have booted, because you saw systemd-boot menu. If you boot in Legacy mode, you see a syslinux menu (the one with Arch Linux background image).
    15:13 – separating home is useful, so it is strange to hear that you do not recommend that.
    36:30 – you better use visudo instead of directly editing a file to avoid errors

  6. I feel like that if you feel overwhelmed by the installation guide of Arch, then Arch isn't made for you. But it was a very nice guide, I learned quite a lot while watching it. Installing the Nvidia drivers would work on a GUI install of Ubuntu or Fedora ?

  7. Hi, thank for this useful video. I have an old computer 32bit processor. I want to install a Linux distro on it. Would arch Linux be a candidate? I realize KDE plasma wouldnt work, maybe a.lightweight graphical display as an alternative? Thanks

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