Install ubuntu on AWS

Install ubuntu on AWS : In this video I have explained how you can install linux on AWS. Before installing linux on AWS you should know EC2.

EC2 stands for elastic compute cloud. It is nothing but a server, it’s a raw server just like a fresh computer that AWS provides.

If you install linux then you can access it using ssh tool like putty.
Launch EC2 instance.
Select the free tier ubuntu and click on next and fill the other details to launch the instance.

There is a security layer aws has added to the server that it launches, it gives a key pair that you have to use while connecting to your server.

Download the pem file which will be used to connect to your server.

Go to the EC2 console to see your ubuntu instance. In the page below you will find all the other details of current instance.

To connect to your ubuntu instance you need Putty and puttygen software.
Download and install puttygen and upload the PEM file there to generate th ppk file. Once ppk file is generated, start the putty and put the IP address and upload the ppk file and connect it.

Now, your ubuntu is ready to be accessed via putty. Now you can install any software like docker, tomcat here and use it.

Installed Ubuntu.

Downloaded PEM file.

Downloaded Putty and Puttygen.exe

Used PuttyGen.exe to generate ppk file.

Connected ubuntu instance from Putty

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11 thoughts on “Install ubuntu on AWS

  1. I'm using an iMac, I got all the way through the except the PuTTy part. I tried using Terminal but it won't find the .pem file I dowloaded.

  2. Hi I had used windows 2019 base server but Im facing buffer problem with that windows base server so can you please tell me which server in free tier is best for using without buffering issues.
    Please reply me sir.

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