Install Ubuntu Linux using a bootable USB Flash Drive on any Computer

This a complete walk through on how to create a bootable usb flash drive with Ubuntu Linux on it, and then install it to a laptop or any PC. I will show you all the files and tools you need to download and walk you step by step on how to install ubuntu onto one of my spare laptops.

Thank you for watching, ask questions in the comments section.

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47 thoughts on “Install Ubuntu Linux using a bootable USB Flash Drive on any Computer

  1. Hi, this is great but on my Toshiba NB where i had ubuntu installed I do not get the boot Menue tried F2, F12, Arrow keys , shift , etc no luck, Can anybody advise me please? thanks

  2. Please help me, after installing Ubuntu at this point 12:14 I have to click restart, and when I restart the laptop it shows that "Operating System not found". I have tried to install Ubuntu from USB several times but it ends up always without Operation System. Please help.

  3. I found a good use for the bootable Linux usb stick. Just got a used computer and wondered if it worked. Unfortunately, the previous owner removed the hard drive. Plugged in the stick, set up boot to usb, restarted it and voila we are in the Linux demo mode ready to install to hard drive(when I get it).

  4. I've done everything right, but whenever I go to download Windows 7, it tells me "no operating system found" but, I also installed Ubuntu on the same usb stick and it installs just fine! I don't get it! Can someone throw me a frickin bone here?!

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