Install Total War Shogun 2 on Ubuntu with PlayOnLinux

Guide to installing Total War Shogun 2 on Ubuntu, using PlayOnLinux (Wine 1.5.28). This video tutorial was requested, and I apologize for taking so long to …

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  1. Hello…I know its a bit too late for this but i will ask anyway….I followed the guide and the game works like a charm…The only problem is that i have no sound..Any ideas??

  2. +ilias agnaou This guide is meant for those who have already purchased the game via Steam, and just wish to know how to get it up and running in Ubuntu. If the game is too expensive at the moment, I recommend waiting for the Winter sales. It can drop down to pocket change prices 🙂

  3. hey Peguin Recordings,

    I have a little problem I followed all the steps in your tutorial but when it comes to installing shogun 2 they say that i have to pay for the game
    can u please give me some advise on this one i was stoked to play this game

    thank you

  4. The program Awesomium prrocess.exe has encountered a serous problem a needs to close. we are sory for the inconvenience.

    this can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in wine. You may want to check the applicatin Database for tips about running this application.

    Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x10a29192).
    Register dump:
    В CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
    В EIP:10a29192 ESP:0033e07c EBP:01fa1700 EFLAGS:00010212(В  R- –В  IВ В  A – )
    В EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000 ECX:01f9e1e8 EDX:000000c0
    В ESI:00000000 EDI:0200b190
    Stack dump:
    0x0033e07c:В  01fd2434 0200b190 108b2f32 01fd2434
    0x0033e08c:В  0033e2e8 10a88eb9 01fa1700 00000000
    0x0033e09c:В  00000000 01fa1684 0033e0b8 01000100
    0x0033e0ac:В  00000000 0000042f 00000000 00000000
    0x0033e0bc:В  00000000 00000106 01fa1684 01fa1700
    0x0033e0cc:В  00000000 ffffffff 000001be 01fa1684
    =>0 0x10a29192 in awesomium (+0xa29192) (0x01fa1700)
    В  1 0x01fd2480 (0x11123430)
    В  2 0x10899d50 in awesomium (+0x899d4f) (0x10a98500)
    0x10a29192: movlВ В  В 0x0(%esi),%edx
    ModuleВ В  В AddressВ В  В В В  В В В  В Debug infoВ В  В Name (94 modules)
    PEВ В  В В  400000-В  5d8000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  awesomiumprocess
    PEВ В  В В  5e0000-В  69c000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  gameoverlayrenderer
    PEВ В  В 10000000-114ee000В В  В ExportВ В В В В В В В В  awesomium
    PEВ В  В 3cf00000-3cf1e000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  en-us
    PEВ В  В 4ad00000-4b771000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  icudt42
    ELFВ В  В 7ac00000-7ac59000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  riched20<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7ac10000-7ac59000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  riched20
    ELFВ В  В 7b800000-7ba4a000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  kernel32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7b810000-7ba4a000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  kernel32
    ELFВ В  В 7bc00000-7bcd0000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  ntdll<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7bc10000-7bcd0000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  ntdll
    ELFВ В  В 7bf00000-7bf03000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  <wine-loader>
    ELFВ В  В 7da30000-7daa4000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7daa4000-7db3c000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7db3c000-7db6f000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  uxtheme<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7db40000-7db6f000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  uxtheme
    ELFВ В  В 7db6f000-7db75000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7db75000-7db80000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7db80000-7db91000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7db91000-7db95000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7db95000-7dba0000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dba0000-7dbab000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dbab000-7dbb1000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dbb1000-7dbb5000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dbb5000-7dbb9000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dbb9000-7dbde000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dbde000-7dd12000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dd12000-7dd25000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dd36000-7dd3a000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dd3a000-7dd4a000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dd4c000-7ddd7000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  winex11<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7dd60000-7ddd7000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  winex11
    ELFВ В  В 7df47000-7df70000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7df70000-7dfab000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dfab000-7dfd3000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7dfd3000-7e072000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7e099000-7e0ad000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7e0ad000-7e10b000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  dbghelp<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e0b0000-7e10b000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  dbghelp
    ELFВ В  В 7e10b000-7e12d000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  imm32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e110000-7e12d000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  imm32
    ELFВ В  В 7e12d000-7e16e000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  usp10<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e130000-7e16e000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  usp10
    ELFВ В  В 7e16e000-7e1a0000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  ws2_32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e180000-7e1a0000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  ws2_32
    ELFВ В  В 7e1a0000-7e1b8000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7e1bd000-7e1df000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  oleacc<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e1c0000-7e1df000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  oleacc
    ELFВ В  В 7e1df000-7e203000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  iphlpapi<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e1f0000-7e203000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  iphlpapi
    ELFВ В  В 7e203000-7e22f000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  netapi32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e210000-7e22f000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  netapi32
    ELFВ В  В 7e22f000-7e25d000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  secur32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e240000-7e25d000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  secur32
    ELFВ В  В 7e25d000-7e355000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  comctl32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e270000-7e355000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  comctl32
    ELFВ В  В 7e355000-7e37d000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  msacm32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e360000-7e37d000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  msacm32
    ELFВ В  В 7e37d000-7e430000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  winmm<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e390000-7e430000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  winmm
    ELFВ В  В 7e430000-7e443000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  psapi<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e440000-7e443000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  psapi
    ELFВ В  В 7e443000-7e55b000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  oleaut32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e460000-7e55b000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  oleaut32
    ELFВ В  В 7e55b000-7e5d5000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  rpcrt4<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e570000-7e5d5000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  rpcrt4
    ELFВ В  В 7e5d5000-7e6eb000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  ole32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e5f0000-7e6eb000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  ole32
    ELFВ В  В 7e6eb000-7e75b000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  shlwapi<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e700000-7e75b000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  shlwapi
    ELFВ В  В 7e75b000-7e978000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  shell32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e770000-7e978000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  shell32
    ELFВ В  В 7e978000-7e991000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  version<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e980000-7e991000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  version
    ELFВ В  В 7e991000-7ead9000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  user32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7e9a0000-7ead9000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  user32
    ELFВ В  В 7ead9000-7eb3f000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  advapi32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7eaf0000-7eb3f000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  advapi32
    ELFВ В  В 7eb3f000-7ec4d000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  gdi32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7eb50000-7ec4d000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  gdi32
    ELFВ В  В 7ec4d000-7ed32000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  opengl32<elf>
    В  -PEВ В  В 7ec70000-7ed32000В В  В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В  opengl32
    ELFВ В  В 7ed39000-7ed46000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7ed46000-7ed52000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7ed52000-7ed6b000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7ed6b000-7ed74000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В 7efd0000-7efd9000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b7346000-b738c000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b738c000-b7391000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b7391000-b7540000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b7540000-b755c000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b7584000-b7737000В В  В DwarfВ В В В В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b7739000-b775b000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В
    ELFВ В  В b775b000-b775c000В В  В DeferredВ В В В В В В  [vdso].so
    processВ  tidВ В В В В  prio (all id:s are in hex)
    00000008 Steam.exe
    В В  В 0000005cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000000dВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000047В В В  0
    В В  В 00000046В В В  0
    В В  В 00000043В В В  0
    В В  В 00000042В В В  0
    В В  В 00000041В В В  0
    В В  В 00000040В В В  0
    В В  В 0000003fВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000003eВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000003dВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000003cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000003bВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000003aВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000039В В В  0
    В В  В 00000038В В В  0
    В В  В 00000037В В В  0
    В В  В 00000036В В В  0
    В В  В 00000034В В В  0
    В В  В 00000033В В В  0
    В В  В 00000032В В В  0
    В В  В 00000031В В В  0
    В В  В 00000030В В В  0
    В В  В 0000002fВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000002eВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000002dВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000002cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000002bВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000002aВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000029В В В  0
    В В  В 00000028В В В  0
    В В  В 00000027В В В  0
    В В  В 00000026В В В  0
    В В  В 00000009В В В  0
    0000000e services.exe
    В В  В 0000001dВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000001cВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000014В В В  0
    В В  В 00000010В В В  0
    В В  В 0000000fВ В В  0
    00000012 winedevice.exe
    В В  В 0000001bВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000018В В В  0
    В В  В 00000017В В В  0
    В В  В 00000013В В В  0
    00000019 plugplay.exe
    В В  В 0000001fВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000001eВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000001aВ В В  0
    00000020 explorer.exe
    В В  В 00000022В В В  0
    В В  В 00000021В В В  0
    00000049 Shogun2.exe
    В В  В 0000006dВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000069В В В  0
    В В  В 00000068В В В  0
    В В  В 00000061В В В  0
    В В  В 00000060В В В  0
    В В  В 00000035В В В  0
    В В  В 00000024В В В  0
    В В  В 00000023В В В  0
    В В  В 0000000cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000000bВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000044В В В  0
    В В  В 00000066В В В  0
    В В  В 00000065В В В  0
    В В  В 00000064В В В  0
    В В  В 00000063В В В  0
    В В  В 00000062В В В  0
    В В  В 0000005fВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000005eВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000004eВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000067В В  15
    В В  В 00000058В В  15
    В В  В 00000055В В В  2
    В В  В 00000054В В В  1
    В В  В 00000050В В В  0
    В В  В 0000004fВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000004aВ В В  0
    00000016 GameOverlayUI.exe
    В В  В 0000005dВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000005bВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000005aВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000059В В В  0
    В В  В 00000057В В В  0
    В В  В 00000056В В В  0
    В В  В 00000053В В В  0
    В В  В 00000052В В В  0
    В В  В 00000051В В В  0
    В В  В 0000004cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000004bВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000004dВ В В  0
    00000025 (D) C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonTotal War SHOGUN 2AwesomiumProcess.exe
    В В  В 0000006cВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000006bВ В В  0
    В В  В 0000006aВ В В  0
    В В  В 00000045В В В  0 <==
    System information:
    В В В  Wine build: wine-1.7.12
    В В В  Platform: i386
    В В В  Host system: Linux
    В В В  Host version: 3.13.0-24-generic

    Fall the Samauri Update Workaround
    If your game crashes due to awesomium.dll then do the following to get game working again;
    Go to the games directory (Steam/steamapps/common/total war shogun 2/) and rename AwesomiumProcess.exe to AwesomiumProcessOrg.exe


    i have next problem

    insufficient video memory to run game, terminating

  5. I'm sorry, but my English is poor. I installed the game according to the instructions, but he writes. thank you

    The program Awesomiumprrocess.exe has encountered a serous problem a needs to close. we are sory for the inconvenience.

    this can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in wine. You may want to check the applicatin Database for tips about running this application.

  6. When I was opening Steam, all the symbols seemed toВ disappear. I am unable to write, or read any information. Well, I can write, however, I can't see what I'am typing. I thought installing some components might help but hasn't been working so far…

  7. CTD? Crash To Desktop?
    One way of trying to solve this is to try out newer and older versions of Wine. Wine has two new releases that are worth trying. Wine 1.6 and 1.7. Please install those into POL and set your TWS2 to use them, by clicking Configure and then under the General tab select the Wine version and change it to either a newer or older Wine (better to go with newer).

  8. OK, I ran the debugger. Turns out having the DirectX package installed is essential when you want to run a game that uses DirectX… who would have thougt that 😉
    Thanks again & keep up the good work!

  9. I shall do that but it will take some time. My laptop broke down & I bought a new one. I have to get more important stuff running first. But I will get back to you as soon as I have finished installing Shogun 2 in Linux. Thanks for your help btw.

  10. The same problem persists? In PlayOnLinux, you can click Debug on the right. This will run the game and log what happens. When it crashes, can you read the log and see if any errors pop up, or it says anything is missing?

  11. What version of Wine were you using in PlayOnLinux? If it has awesomium, then it sounds like you're using a modified Wine by the guys over at POL. Clean Wine has no suffix. A patched Wine has the name of the game at the end, for example 1.5.23-LeagueOfLegends or something of the sort. Try one without the name of a game attached to it.

  12. I left mine all at default. To really make a game run smooth depends on two things:
    1. Graphics card
    2. Graphics drivers
    Usually buying a new graphics card is out of the question, so it's best to try the latest drivers for your card in the end. You could try and mess around with those options in POL, but I've never experienced a boost in performance from them.

  13. One question, how do u configure the Display Tab inside PlayOnLinux to make the game smooth? My game is running but only slowly. I found there are options like GLSL support, DirectDrawRendere, etc… How do u configure them? Or just left as default?

  14. Since I pay with my Debit card (E-MasterCard), it goes through my local bank. This is going to be different for everyone, so I'm not sure how to fix your problem. One way could be to purchase the game using the Linux Steam, and then download it using your Wine Steam. Or you could try older versions of Wine.

  15. Thanks! One more thing, I'm having problems purchasing games. All I get is a white screen to enter the payment information with blue hyper links that I can click on. I wish I could show you. Maybe I'll post a video to show you what I mean.

  16. Only when testing a game, do I do this. Usually I have two Steam Wineprefixes in PlayOnLinux, one which is just plain old clean Wine and the other has DirectX9/NET.4/Flash installed. There are games that work in a clean Wine prefix, and there are those that require something extra. Hope that helps 🙂

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