I Was At The Donation Center Donating Blood When This Woman STOLE IT & Tried To Ran Away…

I was at the doctor after getting a virus that was gone after being checked the day before with a blood test. The day after, my friend who worked at the same place I went to for checkups told me how they hadn’t gotten enough O group blood for a while, and he said he was glad people were donating, everything helped, bet he really wanted O group blood since it’s a universal donor. I decided to donate blood even though I’m not in the O group. This is where the story starts, so let’s get to the characters.

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One of my favorite Entitled people stories!
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28 thoughts on “I Was At The Donation Center Donating Blood When This Woman STOLE IT & Tried To Ran Away…

  1. Make sure to in act log in requirements at highest levels on your computers, you as the administrator. When you purchase a new computer pay extra to have the store set up log in and your administrator status before you take it off the store.

  2. How old are you does she thinks she needs to put a parental lock on your computer if you're working you're at least 16. Put a parental lock on her laptop and save your family some money

  3. I was a military spouse for 24 years I'm highly insulted with the description of a military spouse I have three sons and we never acted that way I don't know anybody on an Air Force Base that would act that way this has nothing to do with the military Karen's exist in the wild also

  4. As for the donated bag (unit) of blood, a lot of things could happen during that violent incident to render that blood unusable. If the tubing attached to the bag is not properly sealed before the line is ripped out of OP’s arm then that would disqualify that donation. I hope the medical director was able to approve the use of that blood.

  5. Please record at a higher volume. It's hard to hear unless I'm within three feet of the computer.

    Blood bank story: I know it's almost impossible to compare the rate of mental illness over history but this EM is totally BSC and needs to be strapped straight into the giggle jacket.

  6. At 230w the laptop will take over 4 hours to to use 1 kilowatt hour of electricity. In my neck of the woods that's 11 cents. So we're looking at 40 hours of run time to even come close to 1 dollar. And that's assuming it's running at full power the entire time, which it wont be. What a ridiculous demand to pay for the extra electricity.

  7. That Karen definitely overstepped her bounds. Military dependents are GUESTS of the military. As such they have no rank or authority and can be kicked off base at any time. Their spouses are responsible for their conduct and can even be demoted if the offense is severe enough.

  8. Yes, Mom should have called, but she was lied to and did not mean any harm. But it is his key. My thought anger at the aunt, absolutely, but Mom, just irritation. Besides, someone having a key serves his interest. Getting locked out is a pain. A compromise would be to get an electronic lock with a code. When someone uses the code he would get notified.

  9. Story one: "and I need to 'give' you what's mine," Karen, why? And it's my monkey/circus (problem) that you can't find, afford, so-called "too old" so should "give/donate" to you and yours, etc., why?"

    Blood donation story: just a thought: assuming that its a match to begin with – a) if you need a blood transfusing, you dont go to a blood bank or even a small clinic for that but a regular hospital and they have a network they can draw from to obtain blood for such a procedure. b) how do you know that that person doesnt have sone undiagnosed condition that you can conveniently give to your child? c) how in the world was she going to give her child the blood? You can't just ingest blood like a vampire. And if you know how to do a transfusion on someone then you wouldn't be pulling this. And if you don't, you could kill your child!

  10. My father used Linux Red Hat Version 9, I am currently running Windows 10 with both my laptop and my desktop computer and my internet browser is Google, before running Google, I was running Microsoft Internet Explorer, much nicer with Google.

  11. 10:15 op should put a lock on the door and give dad a key to keep in his keychain as he can't really trust his overcontrolling entitled mother. suppose she can't start it but carts it away to donate to a charity?

  12. One important thing we need to learn as we grow up: some people lie. They can be strangers, acquaintances, or even relatives. Some people lie.

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