I Spent 3 Weeks Using OpenSuse Tumbleweed

I have spent the last three weeks using OpenSuse. Here are my thoughts.

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19 thoughts on “I Spent 3 Weeks Using OpenSuse Tumbleweed

  1. Once again, Youtube is deleting comments. So if yours gets deleted, I'm sorry. You can try to reply to this comment, often times replies are safer from the dumbass AI than ones that aren't replies.

  2. the only thing that i didn't liked in opensuse is the theming
    I'll explain my point
    for example if someone install awesome window manager will see a theme by opensuse not the original theme of awesome wm and will see additional configurations into awesome wm that are not in the original awesome wm

  3. The OBS can be used through starting a different session. Also zypper dup is really what should be used. Would have been nice if he asked the questions in the communication channels. Of course people will make assumptions. But it's a community distro for a reason, so the community can help.

  4. regarding the startup time and installation time, is it related to the filesystem used ? are you using btrfs ? I always had issues with btrfs…

  5. On OpenSuse Tumbleweed, its best practice to use "dup" instead of "update". Update is meant for OpenSuse Leap (using update on Tumbleweed can break your system). Surprised I you didn't talk about OBS (Open Build Service) its effectively the AUR for OpenSUSE.

  6. I could get suse to work in a VM, but it never installed right on my hardware. So, I just gave up on it. Which is a shame, as KDE (my preferred DE) is supposedly a 1st class citizen on that distro. But I am boring, I just stick with Neon.

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