Huge Raspberry Pi OS Update! Lots Of New Stuff With This One!

Raspberry Pi OS has been updated to Debian Bullseye and its added a ton of new stuff like Hardware-accelerated YouTube video playback using Chromium, A New Window manager known as Mutter and a free 300Mhz CPU overclock!

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28 thoughts on “Huge Raspberry Pi OS Update! Lots Of New Stuff With This One!

  1. When Pi OS got an update … how are the things going on the android dev front, especially with that oDroid C4/N2+ boards?!

    1080P_60 should be possible there … but how about 1440p or even 2160p?
    I always liked that "android as a desktop" idea with these oDroid boards.

  2. They quietly removed Steamlink from the repository :/

    Which doesn't really affect everybody, but it was a pain in the ass seeing as I was trying to get my pi working as a Steamlink test box

  3. Just when hardware acceleration looked so promising with YouTube at 30 FPS… 1080p60 was a disappointment. I'd be OK with watching everything at 30, but if the video is rendered at 60 FPS, you have no choice. It is what it is, and it's going to play badly. This very video is 1080p60, so you could not watch it properly on the Pi. Hopefuly we will be able to enjoy a decent YT experience with the next OS iteration, or maybe we will have to wait until the next Pi board generation comes up? I mean of course a CONVENIENT, browser-based one, without the hassle of downloading the videos and playing them in other software and not being able to just snappily jump back and forth from one video to another.

  4. You would think by now they would have sorted the issue. It's the same on my tinker board but fortunately there is a good Android release with full hardware acceleration. Hopefully there will be a good Android release for the pi 4. Until then it's not worth the hassle.

  5. Excellent video. Just a note: no offense but oveclocking to 2,000 editing config.txt and running manjaro ARM (KDE plasma) on it you can get out much much more than staying with Rasp oS. On my second RPI 4b 8G I have Freebsd ARM on it just to run a "real" server side oS on it. The overall experience is definitely more "reastic" than running Rasp oS.

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