How to Run Ubuntu 14.04 on Android

Dave Bennett shows how to run Ubuntu 14.04 on Android
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If you want to experience the power of a desktop operating system right in the palm of your hands, then try running Ubuntu 14.04 on your Android device. It’s pretty simple and can allow you to do things that you normally can’t do in android.

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23 thoughts on “How to Run Ubuntu 14.04 on Android

  1. Ubuntu looks pretty nice on android…. but are there any significant advantages to using this compared to Android MM?

    How is the battery life, performance etc compared to MM?

  2. Would it be possible to run, Apache2 or even Tomcat Servers? I am looking for a solution where I could connect the phone to my Monitor/TV and pull my codes from GIT repos. I could then work with emergency fixes locally (phone). I am not sure if running apache2/tomcat/Java 8 is possible in this approach.

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