How To: Remove Ubuntu from a Dual Boot Computer

Have you installed Ubuntu as a dual boot setup to live peacefully next to Windows on the same hard drive/computer. And then after some hands on with it, decided that Ubuntu and/or Linux just wasn’t your cup of tea? But now you have Ubuntu installed and appear to be stuck with an unwanted operating system hogging a big chunk of your hard drive’s free space….

Fear not, Ubuntu is easily removable and *hopefully* isn’t something that will require you to loose all of your data under Windows while attempting to remove it. This video wil discuss how to remove the Ubuntu side of a dual boot setup. In this video we will be using a Windows 7/Ubuntu 13.04 dual booting Virtual Box machine.

Demonstrated steps will be:
1- Remove the Grub bootloader via EasyBCD.
2- Delete the Ubuntu & Swap partitions from within Windows.
3- Make sure it all works!

Software needed will be:
– Your Dual Boot (Ubuntu & Windows) machine.
– The Community Edition of EasyBCD from:

*Anytime you deal with changing operating systems, partitions, hard drives, etc. Always be sure to backup any critical data. As the possibility that things could go wrong is ALWAYS present.


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  1. Like Seriously? This man is going to heaven! No bullshit just straight to point in a few minutes and tada! You have removed the unwanted OS! Lots of Love bro!❤️✌️

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