How to Make an Ubuntu File Server With Samba

In this video, I will be showing you how to setup an Ubuntu file server to share your files with your Windows, Mac and Linux computers across your home network using Ubuntu Server and Samba.



31 thoughts on “How to Make an Ubuntu File Server With Samba

  1. wins support, name resolve order and security = user are missing in my smb.conf file.
    i am using the newest version of ubuntu server and samba 🙁

  2. I know this is an old video but I’ve been trying to get machines to connect to a share for two days. I’m primarily a windows admin (MCSE) so Linux permissions are foreign. I looked everywhere to find why nothing could attach. Alway permission errors. The Samba password fixed it. I would have thought it would been covered but I sure as hell couldn’t find it. Mine is a non standard setup. Atomic Pi running Mint. Wanted to run Lubuntu but couldn’t get it to load (I want a GUI). 5TB USB 3 HDD with just a shared folder. Set it up basically for anonymous access but it sure didn’t work. Added the Password and all is well. TYVM

  3. Hello, the best video on the internet yet!! I would however request you to reboot this video with new version of ubuntu 20.4 server edition. With permissions etc and most important how to give static ip to the newer Ubuntu. Earlier it was easy but nowadays they have made it complex. Thanks!!

  4. Hi, I have a dedicated server on Hostgator and I want to access files in the same way as showing in your video, on multiple computers (on the same network) so that no need for FTP client for upload/download files. Is it possible?

  5. Good tutorial helped a noob like myself other than that you should make a new vedeo detailing the static ip part as it has changed for the currunt ubuntu releases.

  6. Why is it that when I follow the directions as stated I get some kind of error that leaves me wasting 3-4 hrs trying to chasing down a fix?!!

    [FAILED] Failed to start Raise network interfaces.

    See 'systemctl status networking.service' for details 'journalctl'
    Apparently eth0 naming got destroyed

  7. A few questions:
    – Is it possible to use Samba as a Windows domain network? That is, so I have one file directory that everyone can access and one private file directory for each user as well as a set of Windows programs that can all be accessed from any Windows 10 workstation?
    -What spec would the computer running Samba need to be in order to perform well with two users accessing and rewriting data to it at the same time?

  8. brilliant! dead easy! very detailed and techie but in an easy realistic way! your a damn good teacher!

    if i wasnt an intermediate user (ish) i'd now be bril if i was a noob after this! 😊

    could you do an update for 16.04 upwards btw?

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