How to install Ubuntu onto VMware Workstation Player

Windows 8.1 is ending support soon, the system requirements of Windows 11 are too high and the PowerPC version of Ubuntu 12.04 needs you to use Linux for kernel extraction if you want to use it with QEMU (maybe with help of EmuGUI, maybe not, that’s up to you) – is this enough for this video to be worth it? Anyway, today we are going to install Ubuntu onto a VMware Workstation VM.

– Ubuntu:
– Latest VMware Download:
– VMware 12 Download (for PCs with pre-2011 CPUs or Windows 7)*:

* This site should contain the original, official installer but still, download anything hosted there at your own risk. I only linked it for those who use a too old CPU (like I do).

“19th Floor” by Bobby Richards
“One Time” by Jeremy Black
“Powerup!” by Jeremy Blake
“X Ray Vision” by Slynk

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– By screenshot of the original logo, Fair use, (on thumbnail)

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