How to Install Ubuntu 12.04 to Dual boot alongside Windows 8

Step by step guide on how to install Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin to be able to dual boot with Windows 8, 7 or XP.

In this tutorial video I talk about which Ubuntu Download to go for (32bit or 64bit), how to create a bootable CD / USB Memory stick, and then I go through in detail all the aspects of the Ubuntu installer.

0:01 Intro
0:33 What to download
3:25 Booting into Ubuntu Installer Disk
4:10 Try Ubuntu (Testing out the OS before Installing)
5:02 Ubuntu Installer
5:57 Installing Alongside Windows
7:21 Configuration Options
10:39 First Bootup into newly installed Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu Download:
Pen Drive Linux:
Manual Partition Editor:
GRUB Customisation:
Another GRUB Customiser:

34 thoughts on “How to Install Ubuntu 12.04 to Dual boot alongside Windows 8

  1. If you bought a computer with Windows 8 on it or if you built a computer & put Windows 8 on it, you should be ashamed of yourself. Windows 8 is one of the worst operating systems ever created. Ubuntu 12.04 is so much better. If you want to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 8, awesome. If you want to erase Windows 8 & replace it with Ubuntu 12.04, I do not think you should. As I stated earlier, Windows 8 is one of the worst operating systems ever created & one day you might want to boot Windows 8 back up to see how shitty it is. Once you boot Windows 8 back up after years of not using it, you will probably ask yourself how you ever used it in the first place.

  2. Here, this guy is installing Ubuntu with a 200 GB hard drive.  You see, I can dedicate that much with space to spare due to the fact that I have a hard drive with 700 GB!

  3. Please help me. I installed ubuntu and it installed fine and ask for a restart. I restarted but the os choosing window didn't show up, so I coudn't choose ubunto to load. How do I get that window.

  4. Hi in the video you mentioned  a video that was available if there is no 'install alongside windows' option when installing ubuntu – could you point me to this please Cheers

    I am using the legacy  bootloader option to load Ubuntu – ubuntu loads fine with this.
    To get back into windows I have to reset my bootloader in BIOS to UEFI  this time it doesn't get anywhere near GRUB 2.

    I imagine I will have to edit GRUB and put an entry in here. GRUB is already set to find other operating systems. But needless to say it doesn't.



  5. Is there any importance in the order you boot each OS after the Ubuntu instal? When I did this on a computer with Windows 7, I was told it was important that Windows 7 be booted before Ubuntu. Thank you.

  6. I am trying to install this everything okay. But when i start my computer i don't see anything. My windows open normally. I use Windows 8.


  7. Every time I trying to install it UNetBoot goes to not responding when it starts the bootloader installation. I'm on windows 8.1 now so it could possibly be that I'm not sure though.

  8. Whenever i try to install ubuntu …………..i can't find the option to install ubuntu alongside windows 8 in a pre windows installed computer

  9. You might've gotten alot of these questions already, but…
    1. Will EVERYTHIG be back? All my programs, desktop files, documents, pictures, everything?
    2. How should I know how much memory to put into Ubuntu?
    3. Will I see a significant slow-down the more memory I put into Ubuntu?
    4. Will what I download in Ubuntu go onto my main Windows 8?
    Thanks a lot for making these videos, and please answer these questions.

  10. I'm having trouble with the bootable usb stick. I followed your instructions to the letter, and yet my computer won't recognize the usb stick as bootable when i start the computer. Even though the boot order has USB at the forefront. This causes me to be unable to install Ubuntu. Now, i don't expect you to know the answer or even be able to help me. I'm just covering all the bases here, do let me know, if you can. Thanks.

  11. hey man I really love your videos. I'm having some serious trouble with Ubuntu, it was too complicated to post here so I left you a personal message. Do check your youtube inbox.

  12. heho, i'm back. I installed the ubuntu like you, all the same, but when i restardet, the grub menu didn't kame, what can I do?

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