How to Install Pi-Hole on Proxmox using Debian

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We’re going to install pihole on our proxmox box… see that video here:

This tutorial assumes you have already have proxmox installed and are ready to spin up some machines.
Stuff to download:
Proxmox (if you haven’t already):

First, install debian or your linux distro of choice.
Once you reach the command line…
Install Sudo
apd install sudo

give yourself sudo permissions
usermod -aG sudo yourusername

Then change your dhcp to static
navigate up:
cd ..
then we need to use nano to edit a file:
nano etc/network/interfaces
Change DHCP to static (see the video)

Follow the video to install pihole

Then when you clone your pihole VM you can log in and change the hostname using this command:
hostnamectl set-hostname pihole


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6 thoughts on “How to Install Pi-Hole on Proxmox using Debian

  1. 19:39 – After adding the custom block-lists you forgot to go to Tools > Update Gravity (or via ssh and entering the "pihole updateGravity" command) to update the lists of blocked domains from all of the configured blocklists.
    The 99,936 figure for "Domains on Adlists" is only from the default blocklist. 🙃

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