How to Install My Version of Linux

Lots of people have been asking… here is the first iteration of Linux that I use every… single… day.

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24 thoughts on “How to Install My Version of Linux

  1. I'm not too advanced in Linux but this was relatively easy to get set up and pretty nice to use as a daily OS I did read a few books on Linux and shell scripting a while back so I'm pretty comfortable with the command line and Vim/Vi etc.

    (anybody who wants the books for some reason: The Linux command line and shell scripting bible & The Linux bible & the other is if you are into ethical hacking the kali pen-testing bible)

  2. Chris, I am trying to build an system with base on Arch.
    Why "debian" is more stable than Arch?

    I see more ways open in Arch than Debian,
    but I hate reading "wiki" because no videos or examples
    no screenshot or pictures about the processes is talking about!

  3. It would have been good if he talked about "unbreakable Linux" Oracle but he didn't of course…. I don't mind the criticism of LInux but the obvious gets ignored by this guy. I really don't get it?

  4. It really doesn't make any sense at all! Complains about Linux being "too hard" for new users and users the worst kinda install he can find! Ignores Ubuntu/Mint with the easy installs. Making people type in shitty commands in the terminal….. I don't think he actually likes Linux. He still uses Windows which you can't customize but complains about everything in Linux! I didn't quite believe him about not having a GUI for anything in previous videos…. but then he does it. I just don't get it. <shakes head>

  5. Hey, thank you, Chris. I completed the steps up to the point of systemctl status sddm – it's telling me it does not exist? The other commands are saying the same. Service not found? I'm sure I missed something, perhaps?

  6. I tried the debian titus install from your git hub, but i was not able to complete it. There is no wifi driver so i could not complete the steps as outlined in your video guide. I was trying to install this version of Linux in an old client hp pc that only has 8gb ssd. To get internet I would have to go to my router and plug ethernet cable directly to it. I was hoping to just use the wifi dongle that I have used with other linux distros in other computer in the past.

    I was kind of bummed out as i was looking forward to it. I suppose i dont know enough about linux to figure out how to get a driver or ocntinue the installation process with out network access.

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