21 thoughts on “How to install intel wireless driver on Debian 9 Stretch

  1. why debian is so fucked up, the longer i configure it, the worse my results, it started when i typed the user into sudoers, the terminal doesn't know commands like reebot poweroff, nordvpn lost nordlynx porotocol, i don't know if i have time for that. it is stupid. I know at least 6 other linuxes, they are good as linux should be

  2. I bought this upgraded chip for my laptop. However its network keeps dropping out. Like the chip is shutting off. I have to reboot the computer for it to work again. Looking in /lib/firmware there are quite a few versions for the card. I'm using manjaro. I just tried adding the .14.ucode file to my firmware since it wasn't there. Maybe that will fix it but I'm thinking it's all the interference in my area. I counted 50+ wifi networks in my area last night…

  3. Whenever I open repositories it opens”software & update” and when I close it nothing happens. And my sources.list file is very different from yours. Please help

  4. Thank you from a beginner Linux user. This saved me hours of headache trying to figure out how to install the correct drivers.

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