How to install and use Ubuntu 18.10 on a Macbook Pro

This video shows you how to install Ubuntu 18.10 on a Macbook Pro.

Check out for a full guide

How to install Linux on a Macintosh and dual boot with macOS

15 thoughts on “How to install and use Ubuntu 18.10 on a Macbook Pro

  1. Can this be installed on the Macbook Pro A1150? That particular model is a 32-bit machine – I think it's the only 32-bit model. Not very popular. I want to install Ubuntu Studio on it – hoping to use it mainly for music production. I could only install Mac OS Lion on the last one I had (2018) and updating it was pain in the a$$.

  2. Installing Ubuntu looks easier than ever. I've finally gotten fed up with the phasing out of support by Apple and many of the major websites and browsers etc. for perfectly good tech and I'm about to install 18.04 on my Macbook, which is a bit older (2010). This video was very helpful. Thanks for that.

  3. "You'll also notice that I've got two monitors plugged into this thing… because… yeah because I'm a geek and I have two monitors…"


  4. Subscribed. Well done. Although I don't have apple junk nor like.
    It's funny, you see system admin and network admin with lots of certifications using an iPhone. I immediately frown. I call those people script copy and paste kiddies.

  5. If necessary, can you restore the system with a time machine backup? I want to install fedora on my mac mini but I've never done that with an apple machine. Only PCs. I'm afraid to corrupt the boot system of the machine to disable the equipment. Take care of my English. I do not speak english. I'm using google translator.

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