How to Install and Enjoy Mac OS on ANY Linux #1 | 2021 | Devil Emox

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In This Video I will Teach you How To Install and Enjoy Mac OS on ANY Linux. You can use this script on nay machine which have Linux installed.

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You can Use this Method on :
– Linux

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– Commands are available in the repo, But Still –
– sudo apt-get install qemu-system qemu-utils python3 python3-pip # for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and PopOS.
sudo pacman -S qemu python python-pip python-wheel # for Arch.
sudo xbps-install -Su qemu python3 python3-pip # for Void Linux.
sudo zypper in qemu-tools qemu-kvm qemu-x86 qemu-audio-pa python3-pip # for openSUSE Tumbleweed
sudo dnf install qemu qemu-img python3 python3-pip # for Fedora
sudo emerge -a qemu python:3.4 pip # for Gentoo

– ./ –mojave
– ./ –add
– qemu-img create -f qcow2 MyDisk.qcow2 64G = [64G = the size of the disk in GB]
– and add it to the end of
-drive id=SystemDisk,if=none,file=MyDisk.qcow2
-device ide-hd,bus=sata.4,drive=SystemDisk
– ./

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