How to catch Armor Fish in FFXIV

This lil’ fella is the legendary fish of the Upper Thaliak River. But don’t let its size fool you, it’s still a rare tricky fish!

0:00 Intro & What to know ahead of time
0:15 Window Prep
0:49 Armor Fish Window & Intuition
1:17 Mooch Chain
1:52 Armor Fish Catch
2:33 Aquarium View

Armor Fish
Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands
Fishing Hole: Upper Thaliak River
Bait: Hedgemole Cricket (Mooch, Intuition)
Conditions: 1 – 4, Clear skies

FFXIV Free Trial Players, you can catch this fish!

Arrive early to the Upper Thaliak River and cast out with Purse Web Spider. You need 6 Hedgemole Crickets to triggering Fisher’s Intuition for Armor Fish. Catch 5, and Identical Cast the 5th to hold it until the 1am window.

Just before the 1am window opens for Armor Fish, cast out and catch the 6th Hedgemole Cricket for Intuition to trigger. Immediately mooch the cricket you just caught. If Mooch II is on cool down, use a Patience to get moochable Hedgemole Crickets.

If you need to get Intuition a second time, just catch Hedgemole Crickets again, be mindful of your GP.

Armor Fish is a !!! bite and requires PRECISION Hookset to catch. It is one of the many Big/Rare/Legendary fish which requires Precision Hookset to catch as a !!! bite.

🌱FFXIV Free Trial Fishers:
Your steps are a little bit different.

Arrive early, catch your 5 Hedgemole crickets. Just before the 1am window opens, use Patience and cast out. Catch a Hedgemole Cricket with Precision Hookset, if it’s moochable, mooch it after 1am, if not try again until you get a moochable one.

Keep Patience up at all times! It is highly recommended to get hi-cordials from yellow scrips to help keep your GP up. Armor Fish requires Precision Hookset to catch!

Good luck and happy fishing!

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  1. Another really nice video 🙂

    Can I ask what time macro you’re using? It’s hard to find one online cause I don’t understand where to look.

    Also can timer macros be used for all fish in the game like a general purpose thing, or do I have to edit it if I’m aiming for a specific fish?

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