How Powerful is Every Mythical Pokemon CANONICALLY?

After ranking the Legendary Pokemon from weakest to strongest, it’s time to do the same for the Mythicals! Who stands among them at the top?


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Music List:
-Ten Carat Hill (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
-Legend of the Swords of Justice (Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice)
-Fonsett Village (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
-Carnival of the People of the Water (Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea)
-Mewtwo vs Genesect (Genesect and the Legend Awakened)
-Kingdom of Uraya (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
-Make a Wish (Jirachi Wish Maker)
-Enter Darkrai! (Rise of Darkrai)
-Title Theme 2015 (Hoopa and the Clash of Ages)
-To the Hopeful Sky (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
-The Rainbow on Our Departure (I Choose You!)

43 thoughts on “How Powerful is Every Mythical Pokemon CANONICALLY?

  1. Am I the only person that thinks having an symbolism religious stuff like Pokemon in an Pokemon game sounds pretty stupid? Like if Arceus is supposed to be the " god " of the Pokemon world, than why raise it or having it battle that wins & loses? I just hate how the Gen. 4 Pokemon resembles an Christian like related stuff in an Pokemon game and one of the main reasons why I don't care about the Gen. 4 Legendaries that are based on that. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina & Arceus, Lake Guardians. U name them.

  2. I've been binging your channel recently so this one popped up on autoplay. I didn't even realize that this was a new video! I think it's time I'll go ahead and subscribe. You've earned it

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  4. You're telling me that Shaymin's power to "instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers" (as the Pearl dex entry puts it), essentially mini-Xerneas, isn't notable enough?

  5. if you actually read the dialogue between arceus and the player in legends… arcues says "I bestow upon thee a part of myself." that arceus that the player has is not arceus itself. its just a small part of its power it made into a pokemon that you can control.

  6. Calyrex is also a Galar mythical. The crown tundra promos clearly mentioned that a new mythical was being introduced, turning out to be Calyrex.

  7. For all gen4 nostalgic people – make Rotom a mythical again! (I know it isn't but we all thought this when playing Diamond/Pearl)

  8. wait why is melloetta in "no special powers" like i think you misunderstood what it does exactly. like say you sung a somber song, that's suppose to make people sad. it can make people and even pokemon sad but a lot of other people may not even care and not feel a thing.
    if Melloetta sang a song to make people and pokemon feel sad, those people and pokemon do not have a choice. all of them, will feel sad upon hearing it.
    it's emotion manipulation. Melloetta can make other pokemon lose the will to fight, if it so chooses, which is a decently strong ability in my book.

  9. Volcanion: can blow away a mountain
    Machamp: can punch away a mountain in a single punch
    Melmetal: has the hardest punch of any pokemon
    How does volc outrank him again?

  10. I do wanna point out that victini has dex entries that literally state that he can not lose like EVER so I think he’s top of extreme tier and can maybe even hold a candle to arceas at least with statements

  11. In the Battle Frontier two parter with Deoxys it was able to make its own small dimension and changed the magnetic waves or whatever of the world to sufficiently mess with the navigational instincts flying types, the effects of a defensive instinct. It also had to be in its Normal Forme for Solana to capture it with the capture styler, when no other Pokémon such a device was used on put up such a fight (admittedly Rangers have relatively few appearances in the anime and Deoxys was easily the most ambitious capture one attempted).

  12. I'd say Marshadow is pretty powerful, since in the movie it can control a lot of mons, not as many as Hoopa but yeah. He could beat Darkrai, Celebi and Deoxys, but definitely beats Jirachi.

    At least he is high, I love Hoopa and Marshadow.

    Also cool that it's in the same tier as Genesect.
    Also Zeraora and Magearna definitely beat Phione / Manaphy
    (In fact most of them can beat it)

  13. Your theory for arceus ain't to far off

    In legends when he joins you and gives you the legend plate, he days it's only a piece of him.

    There is also the fact that the arceus we see ain't really arceus but more a avatar for him to interact with the world he created. Kinda like darkseid from DC

  14. i found your channel two days ago and i can't get enough of it, your energy is so nice and even though i've heard most of these pokemon facts time and time again your delivery makes them feel incredibly fresh!

  15. I stream Pokemon Unite because I was a League player and a lot of my fans are hardcore Poke-fans. You have made me look cool in their eyes. I owe you everything. Thank you for the music.

  16. I feel like in the mystery dungeon special episode Bidoof’s Wish, Jirachi either manipulated fate or looked into the future to grant Bidoof’s wish. If it’s the former, I’d say that is decently potent, but if it’s the latter… well many psychics probably could’ve done the same for Bidoof.

  17. Is it weird that him reminding me to subscribe just makes me not forget to like a video? Cuz I already subbed the moment I saw the videos about gym challenges.

  18. I lnew someone during the black and white days that told me that keldeo was the name of the original dragon that reshiram and zekrom came from and when i found out it was a horse i wasnt too happy with him

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