GNOME redesign, Manjaro Cinnamon goes Vivaldi, and Steam Deck hype deflation – Linux news

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This time, we have GNOME showing off multiple parts of their ongoing redesign process, Manjaro cinnamon moving to Vivaldi as its default browser, and Vavle trying to lower expectations about the Steam Deck’s game compatibility situation

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00:00 Intro
01:22 Linux News
05:36 Hardware News
07:17 Applications News
08:45 Gaming News
09:11 Privacy News

## Linux
GNOME 41 is almost upon us, and the software app is getting a nice redesign, especially on the Applications pages.

Manjaro Cinnamon edition decided to replace the Firefox browser with Vivaldi, as their default choice.

Linus Torvalds has agreed to add the NTFS driver inside of the next release of the linux kernel, version 5.15.

A new malware seems to be targeting Linux hosts: the ChaChi remote access trojan virus is written in Golang, and tied to a specific ransomware gang.

GNOME team member Alexander Mikhaylenko detailed the changes coming to Adwaita, especially regarding the appearance of buttons.

Tuxedo Computers is the latest KDE Patron, joining the likes of The Qt Company, SUSE, Google, Blue Systems, Canonical, Enioka, Slimbook or Pine64.

## Hardware

The framework laptop has started shipping in batches, and it seems that it’s a popular device to run Linux on!

Valve spoke a little bit more about the Steam Deck, to clarify the situation on supporting the whole Steam library. As expected, they’re deflating expectations a bit, saying that they do intend the Steam Deck to be able to run all steam games hardware wise, but that Proton might not bring 100% game compatibility.

## Apps
The Heroic Games Launcher got a new release, that’s considered essential for its users.

Firefox 92 was released. It’s a pretty minor update, with more ways to upgrade the connection to HTTPS, and support for full range color levels for video playback. It also brings the rest of the browser in line with their “Proton” redesign, notably the bookmarks toolbar and the overflow menu.

## Gaming
Wine 6.17 was released.

## Privacy
Firefox is trying to expand their revenue sources, and this includes their VPN, which was audited and found pretty vulnerable by an independent company called Cure53.

Mozilla VPN Completes Independent Security Audit by Cure53

Proton Mail, which bases a lot of their marketing on privacy, got under fire for complying with Swiss law, and logging the IP address of an environmental activist.

48 thoughts on “GNOME redesign, Manjaro Cinnamon goes Vivaldi, and Steam Deck hype deflation – Linux news

  1. Honestly I love Linux and I use it as my daily Driver but by no means I want to play with Proton on it, there are so many things that wreck my head and make me lose more time trying than plying that I moved to consoles and a partition with "Winbugs" to play all my games that are not natively supported in Linux. It is nice to see the Steam Deck and Proton evolving but I will wait for a decade at least before trying again to game on linux with "compatibility tools". The only exception are emulations and native games thankfully

  2. I respect valve for at least communicating that some games will not work. Only game on steam that i have that still is a nightmare to run using proton is MS Flight Simulator X. But thats an old game so not a train smash.

    I also want to comment on Heroic Launcher, it far superior to using the official Epic Games launcher. And it also now supports Windows, thus i encourage windows users to check it out.
    Another exciting thing is i found that Civilization 6 on the Epic store now runs perfectly on Wine when launched through heroic using the latest lutris wine build. This is exiting as it shows that broad based compatibility keeps improving.

  3. Ugh; I hope the marketing misstep by Valve won't slow down their hardware efforts the way the fear of not living up to expectations has halted the development of Half-Life 3….

  4. I'd love to get a framework laptop, if they would only ship proper keyboards with it, none of that apple branded "lEtS RemOVe aS ManY UsEFUl kEys As PosSIbLe" without numpad :/

  5. My mom is basically tech illiterate, I am sure this gnome redesign will cause her a lot of headache as she already tries to pixel hunt buttons, and now it will be even more frustrating to her.
    I guess I'll have to teach her cinnamon now, thanks gnome devs.

  6. I really think Mozilla is controlled opposition. The sooner they disappear the better.

    Then we can start modifying Chromium like Google did to Webkit.

    Maybe someone better than Mozilla takes up the Gecko engine though.

  7. I've no issue with vivaldi being in the repos, it is however a problem when a proprietary browser becomes the default since it's one if not the most used software that deals with your private data as well as not pertaining to FOSS.

  8. Personally I find that Firefox should ditch their browser and just move to chromium , its way easier for webdevelopers and they could ensure that the chromium remains open source .
    I don’t mean ditch Firefox just create a new Firefox based on chromium

  9. Stupid game launchers… as if I needed another reason to hate them any more than I already do.

    Thanks for all the Linux news – I appreciate the work you put into it as I don't have the time to keep up to date myself. 🙂

  10. 4:15 I'm not the one to jump on the "change bad" bandwagon, but this is a regression. I've never seen anyone say they liked flat design, and companies and developers are already moving away from that UI disaster towards visible borders and slight gradients. Adwaita already had that and looked great, now Gnome is taking a step back to an outdated trend everyone hated (not to mention worse UX and accessibility since there is zero contrast). Just as KDE moved away from flat and square design towards something more natural lmao

  11. What is it that drives so many projects to abandon any level of skeumorphic design? I like the current Gnome design and taking away the button backgrounds just makes it less usable for new users.

  12. 6:28 is liam dawe working for valve? seems liam is trying to manage the expectations

    the snippet 'Valve also stated in their Steamworks video how "our goal is for every game to work by the time we ship Steam Deck" and that "there is a lot of work that has been done that doesn't yet affect the public version of Proton" so we are expecting the situation to improve. Until we see this special Proton release though, this article sums up the current situation.'
    seems to indicate he's just summing up the current situation

  13. I understan Valve, in a way… Saying MOST of the library will work certainly doesn't sound as a good an advertising as saying the WHOLE library will work, and hyping is a strong ad strategy, but they do have to be careful not to overhype it, or catastrophe follows.

    The choice of Vivaldi as default, on the other hand, with all the FOSS options we have, sounds totally like the Manjaro Cinnamon community is loosing focus here.

  14. Maybe you could have look at the „tablop“, that shiftphone are releasing? It would be a competitor for framework from Germany. Shiftphones have not gotten much attention so far I think, but they seem to make good products, like modular phones that have a bit more recent components then the Fairphone.

  15. I thought it was probably an exaggeration, but IMO if the Deck does well we'll see a large number of developers target Proton for testing and bug fixing, which will quickly bring game compatibility to almost 100%. The holdouts will be abandoned games and games where the developers don't feel like it's worth the cost to ensure Proton compatibility.

  16. Firstly, thank you for always giving us awesome and factual content. Now….. please do not crucify me or my opinion or my proposition…. If we as the Linux community like it or not, malware and ransomware is starting to really increase . We already have a good opensource anti malware project in Linux. Clam av and Clamtk. However it has no on access scanning capability and it does not quarantine any nastiest upon detection….. Is there not a way that we may even help the project integrate these into the work they have already done. (PS, I am not a tech guy, just good with ideas….).

  17. The kernel has had an NTFS module for a long time, but write support has always been experimental – ie use at your own risk. I use Paragon’s extfs tool on macOS, and it works well. Good to see them involved here. Their expertise in this space will be helpful.

  18. Linux performs way faster than Windows 10 for me (barring some wine games) and uses way less resources, but I cannot figure out how to fix random xorg freezes (gui freezes and audio keeps playing but the screen does not update).

    I'm willing to switch completely to Linux but this is keeping me from doing so. Im using nvidia 210 card with nvidia 340.108 drivers and am pretty sure it's the driver's fault for the xorg freezes. I also tried many desktop environments but all is same (heavy load on xorg seems to trigger the freeze). Mainly using XFCE.

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