28 thoughts on “Get Wifi working after installing Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Went to all this fuken trouble to reinstall 16.04 finally got my wifi and eathernet working again and as soon as i did software update i lost the fuken Wifi…why would they include a software that doesnt work with ubuntu 16.04???? For now on i aint updating shit…

  2. am new for ubuntu and when i installed ubuntu on my pc with formatting windows 7, it looses wifi driver. my wifi is not working for me. when i use the same method you showed it didn't worked out. what can i do @teklek

  3. This Ubuntu thing is a pile of shit. Puppy Linux detects my wireless I purchased for 90 bucks a year ago ago, Ubunu server 16.04 doesn't. Uhrrrrrrrrrr

  4. You fucking assume we installed xwindow. Fucking Ubuntu server 16.04 doesn't install xwidnow. Fucking Bullshit. Dump Ubuntu. 14.04 detects my wireless, 16.04 doesn't what kind of fucking Bullshit is that? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was testing this disto via CD rom– the WIFI was not working, but the internet worked when I hooked up to lan connection. There were no additional drivers available in this section u showed. I found the driver located on windows through Ubuntu but linux could not run the install. Im new to linux… im wondering… if I install Ubuntu, if THEN the driver would show up in "additional drivers" I also researched the issue, and found that my some of the USB Buffalo airstation… (i forgot the rest) adapters are supported? The ubuntu link send me to Buffalo website but it's 404ed…. so anyway… just wondering if i actually have to install ubuntu before the additional drivers actually show up… thank you so very much in advance.

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