Gaming on Slackware with Conty, the Arch Linux container application.

Hey all. Gaming on Linux is becoming more and more viable every day it seems, and Slackware gaming is no exception. Of course, every distro has it’s quirks, such as certain games not working or Easy Anti Cheat bending you over on the regular. Slackware current has an issue where its glibc breaks Elden Rings EAC module. There are other things that are somewhat annoying to me as well, such as Slackware’s Mesa lagging a bit behind other “bleeding edge” distros and the need to have a multilib system up and running, which entails almost 300 extra packages of dependencies. I know bloat’s basically a meme, but that is quite a lot just to play some games.

Well, I have found a solution, and it’s a Linux container called Conty. Conty is an unprivileged, sandboxed container based on Arch that is completely multilib capable, and ships with a ton of applications, ranging from web browsers, gaming utilities, and even file managers. I use Conty for everything related to Steam and Lutris, and Conty even works with Elden Rings EAC module. In fact, Conty will even allow distros with alternative C libraries, such as musl, to run multilib application like steam. That’s right, your Void and Alpine musl builds are now capable of multilib functionality through Conty!

Gaming uses aside, I really think this is an awesome project, and I hope you do too. Thanks for checking the video out! See below for links.

Conty Github:
My GitHub:

Oblique Occasions:
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