Flashlight called pinephone hired with Arch Linux ARM goodbye Mobian

I must be crazy to continue to hope the flashlight will be a good phone. I guess my channel needs the controversy.

3 thoughts on “Flashlight called pinephone hired with Arch Linux ARM goodbye Mobian

  1. In all fairness to naming, Windows Apple and Google are ridiculous names, they've just been around for so long and are so big that it works. Imagine if none of them had those names and we were talking about a Linux distro named Google, no one would know what the hell that was and we would call it a ridiculous name.

  2. As for cloning, in the world you've gotten into, you'll want to copy the home directory of your user (so if your username is twinntech, it would be /home/twinntech) onto an external device. If anything goes wrong, reinstall OS (it will work cross distro, so a cloned Mobian directory will most likely work the same if you're installing it onto Arch Arm), then write your cloned home directory back into your device. This works because most config files are kept in your home directory in *nix based systems. I don't have a Pinephone to test this on (wish I did), but it works for desktop linux distros! Anyways, great videos! They seem to be brutally honest. Hopefully we Koolaid drinkers won't have to wait too long until it works properly. Then you'll hopefully stop trying to file a lawsuit against Pine64. Keep up the great work! Hopefully one of the devs will see these videos!

  3. I don't know how to clone the SD card via the phone. However, you can put the sd card in the PC, and make an image of it with something like Balena etcher, or Win32 disk imager. It would probably go a lot faster than doing it in the phone anyway.

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