Finding Your First Fedora – Goorin Bros

Are you new to the hat game?? ?

No worries! Our virtual stylist is back to show you how to find your first Fedora! ?

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your First Fedora – Goorin Bros

  1. Thanks Alex. These two are currently my favourite Goorin Bros hats right now out of the seven that I have. I just got the Night Hawk in black and it is my favourite of all. I love the fit of my Dean The Butcher and it's colour…coffee. I have a blue swirl Jackson Wayne as well that I have worn often. Thanks for doing these videos.

  2. Excellent, thanks. A question please- considering my last name and considering the near decimation of the “new world beaver population” (reduced drastically by the demand in Europe for beaver felt hats), do you “like” beaver, mink or other rodent fur other than merino wool or rabbit felt? Aren’t beaver felt hats more waterproof than rabbit or merino? I’d love your thoughts, thanks again, Wick Beavers

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