Fierce Fridays: Chinstrap penguin makes an entrance ( cool animal videos youtube of life Antarctica

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In 2019, you’ve oohh-ed, aahh-ed, and freaked out while interacting with African wild and habituated animals, including apex predators. In 2020, you’ve quarantined in your own backyard with North American compatriots. In 2021, put your pandemic paranoia on ice while observing the toughest of animals in the harshest of lands: Antarctic and subantarctic! This is a cool animal videos youtube of life Antarctica.

Chinstrap penguin makes an entrance. Others are gentoo about it. (The lone chinstrap penguin enters the right of the screen.)

Of the eight great penguin species of Antarctica, I’ve officially experienced six in the wild, with the king penguin being the biggest. In descending size, they are the king penguin, gentoo penguin, Magellanic penguin, chinstrap penguin, Adelie penguin, and rockhopper penguin. The macaroni penguin sometimes hides amongst the rockhoppers, so I may have experienced a macaroni penguin, but I’ve yet to officially prove that in reviewing my footage. The emperor penguin usually lives in the Ross Sea and Weddell regions of Antarctica, which is the opposite side to the Antarctic Peninsula that I explored in 2014 / 2015, so I’ve yet to experience the emperor.

Eight Great Penguin Species of Antarctica

Penguin care probably dictates that you disturb them as little as possible. But this is how they operate safaris in Antarctica? Oh, penguin. Selfish me has decided my desire to see you outweighs your comfort or considerations. Environmental activist of the year I am! Such are animal encounters in the wild and animal encounters caught on camera.

Antarctica is the habitat in this cool animal video. Antarctica is an adventure trek from the mainland of South America (and less often New Zealand or South Africa), involving special boats or planes.

@ Antarctica

The Whorely Virgin Channel on YouTube:

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