Fedora Goes Streamin' | DLN Xtend 86

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss Fedora Workstation: Live Streaming Compatibility Initiative.

Welcome to episode 86 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We take conversations from the DLN Community from places like the DLN Discourse Forums, Telegram group, Discord server and more. We also take topics from other shows around the network to give our takes.

00:00 Introduction
22:18 Topic – Fedora Streaming Compatibility Initiative
38:10 Host Related Interest
50:26 Wrap Up

Main Topic
– https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Workstation/LiveStreamingCompatInitiative#Fedora_Workstation:_Live_Streaming_Compatibility_Initiative

– FairEmail
– https://email.faircode.eu/

– Horizon Zero Dawn
– https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151640/Horizon_Zero_Dawn_Complete_Edition/

– Home Assistant smart switches

Charity Event
– https://discourse.destinationlinux.network/t/12-13-21-24-hour-charity-stream-for-st-jude-children-hospital/4416

Contact info
Matt (Twitter @MattDLN)
Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)
Nate (Website CubicleNate.com)

3 thoughts on “Fedora Goes Streamin' | DLN Xtend 86

  1. Something I've noticed is that when using fedora my wifi works fine, but debian free is a real pain to set up certainly when I didn't have the driver saved on a USB and had to hunt it down…

  2. Thank you my peoples! I enjoy this show even though I don't stream or Apple, but I always learn and enjoy the interaction you three have with each other. Thank you for puttin up with this coat trail rider, it's a fun ride!

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