Fedora 28 – Install and Quick Look

A new version of the Fedora Linux distribution has just been released. Fedora 28 uses Linux Kernel 4.16.3 and includes some popular third-party software repositories. Now, when you launch GNOME Software the first time, you can enable third-party repositories including Google Chrome, PyCharm, NVIDIA’s proprietary graphics drivers, and Stream.

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20 thoughts on “Fedora 28 – Install and Quick Look

  1. Nice short video Gary. ?
    I'm thinking of getting new distro either fedora or opensuse. I'm not a techie or power user. Is fedora good for me? Among these two which is easy to install, use, secure, stable?
    I hate gnome which is sole reason I left Ubuntu after 5 years & now use Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.
    If I choose between these two, I'll get cinnamon or KDE. Which is good DE according to you?
    I also read that right click from laptop doesn't work on fedora 28. Is it true? I'm concerned because I never use a mouse with my laptop.
    Where can I find basic dnf command for fedora?
    Please help.


  2. I used to use Redhat starting in the late 90's up to maybe the mid-2000s when I started looking at other distributions. I really love how easy it is today to find and install apps. It used to be a real challenge back in the day. Working out the dependencies, visiting RPM repositories that had little actual information. I'm glad it's mostly sorted. Have been using various Debian distros lately, will give this a try. Thanks for the video.

  3. fedora 28 is very good. Love the third party repo config in the software installer and the user and password form after the finish installation not during installation

  4. The biggest thing this time for the Fedora release is that the devs actually delivered it on time! That is unheard of in Fedora world! I give a lot of props to Fedora folks for that alone! And as always, the 28 is excellent in all aspects!
    Thanks a lot for the video, Gary!

  5. I was wanting to give Linux a shot for a long time, and I'm getting more and more confident about the switch, I'm just a bit confused about the Linux "flavours" like kde, gnome, xfa, etc… What is the difference between them? And is there a reason to pick one over the other?

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