Ezarcher 202107 Updates – Arch Linux Without The Meddling

Ezarcher 202107 Updates – Arch Linux Without The Meddling
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5 thoughts on “Ezarcher 202107 Updates – Arch Linux Without The Meddling

  1. Nice a Eznix Video! Now I can stay up longer before bed time… Lol
    So dumb question??? (Hand Raised) What is the issue with LightDM? I use it all the time and have not noticed any issues…
    As for theming SSDM/LightDm and the desktop for that matter it is always a user choice.. 🙂

    I've been playing with ArcoLinux SpectrWm ISO build not the B or D ones the standalone one. I like the way some thing are done and alot of stuff not to well but it is all about taste… I wanted to see how Erik was doing something in SpectrWm so I could improve my build… Lol He uses SDDM and has it themed and I kinda do like it… 😛
    I liked a bunch of the keyboard aliases and there are a ton of them… Lol I also liked the way he has Sxhkd configured and I plan on (am) installing it on all my systems with Window Managers… I have all the files confighted in the VM and ready to go. He is using the same version of SpectrWm so it's all good… Lol

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and I'm glad EzArcher is going great! Although I do miss the beta testing in the early days… Lol
    Alwell I have started new projects on the workbench and I'm working on some other software projects like sxhkd keybinding demon and keybindings… 🙂
    Never miss a video!

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